QUEEN BEE, Reflections on Life and Other Rude Awakenings (released Jan 2016)

Catherine Sevenau - Queen BeeBOOKSTORES:
Book Passage Corte Madera, CA (paperback $17.95)
Readers’ Books Sonoma, CA (paperback $17.95)
*Arrange with Readers’ for a signed copy: 707-939-1779
Note: any bookstore can order it for you
Depot Park Museum Sonoma, CA (paperback $17.95)

Sonoma Valley Library Sonoma, CA
Central Santa Rosa County Library, Santa Rosa, CA
Tuolumne County Library, Sonora, CA

Amazon (paperback, eBook)
CreateSpace (paperback)
Barnes & Noble (paperback & eBook/Nook)
iBooks (eBook)
Kobo (ePBook)
Page Foundry (eBook)
Scribd (eBook)
24symbols (eBook)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9960514-2-2 (paperback, 249 pages)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9960514-3-9 (eBook)

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