Through Any Given Door

2.04 Uncle George Day, 1954

March 1954 • San Jose ~ Word reached Mom that her sister's husband, George Day, died in Chico on February 17th. He too, like Mom, was high strung, and also like Mom, had suffered a nervous breakdown. March 23, 1954 • San Jose, a letter to Verda from Mom: Dear Verda,       … [Read more...]

2.03 Small Talk

1954 • Sonora to San Francisco ~ Dad found a flat on Belvedere Street in the Haight and settled in San Francisco. He made one last trip back to the town that had been his life for the past decade. On a visit to the Davises, where Claudia was finishing out the eighth grade, he asked for some … [Read more...]

2.02 Blackened Toast

1954 • San Jose ~ Mom still cooked and cleaned house for the priests. While she dusted and vacuumed the rectory, I starred in my own variety show, singing and doing the Hokey Pokey on the back patio where no one could see me. I had a red plastic portable record player and a record collection of … [Read more...]

2.01 Part II, Torn Pictures, San Jose

 San Jose, San Francisco, Hawaii 1954 – 1957 1954 • San Jose, California ~ I’d reach up and rap the doorknocker twice. I’d say, knock, knock. She’d say, who’s there? I’d say, Cathy. She’d say, Cathy who? I’d say, Cathy me, silly, your daughter! Wouldn’t we … [Read more...]