Sonoma Sun #7: A California Classic

On my last marker birthday I muddled over penning my obituary, my epitaph, or my own real estate ad. Writing my own obituary was too weird. My epitaph was a no-brainer…  Catherine Clemens Sevenau 1948 – TBD “How Did I Get Here?”  And since I’ve been in real estate in Sonoma … [Read more...]

Sonoma Sun #5: In Search of Funny

At a book talk at our library, a young woman asked me about humor, and how do you learn to be funny. I responded, “I don’t think you can learn to be funny. Either you are, or you aren’t.” Humor is often closely related to pain, and arises as a reaction to suffering—like a coping mechanism—and … [Read more...]

Sonoma Sun #4: Keeper of the Lines

Why bother? I mean, really. They’re dead. Who cares about the past, and what difference does it make? But you know, there are occasions we do something for its own sake, simply because it’s interesting, or satisfying, or it feels worthwhile. For a number of years I’ve researched my genealogy, … [Read more...]

Money, ’tis better to have it than not

Money isn’t my issue this time around, not that it’s always been abundant. I’ve saved it, spent it, lost it, found it, stolen it (I was seven), borrowed, gambled, lent, collected, stashed, donated, and shared it. I’ve frittered it away and hoarded it close. I’ve been foolish and wise, thoughtless … [Read more...]

Sonoma Sun #3: Shopping Queen

Many of us have too much stuff, and with the holidays upon us, more creeps into our space. My dilemma is shopping locally, versus not shopping at all. I have young grandchildren, and as much as I like to buy them presents, I refrain and give them money (so they can buy their own stuff), take them on … [Read more...]

Sonoma Sun #2: My impending demise

Posted on November 10, 2016, by Catherine Sevenau ~ “Oma, there’s dead people under those rocks, you know.” I glance over to see what Satchel is talking about. My four-year-old grandson is commenting from his car seat about the small cemetery to our left on East Napa Street. “I know, … [Read more...]

Sonoma Sun #1: How did I get here?

Posted on October 14, 2016, by Catherine Sevenau ~ In 1943, my father exchanged his iceman’s uniform for a suit and tie. Union Ice Company was having financial difficulties, and Dad had enough sense to get out of the cold. Offered a management position with Sprouse Reitz, he had the option of … [Read more...]

"I enjoy candlelit dinners, a walk on a moonlit beach, and spending time in the woods enjoying the beautiful nature around us." Oh please. Who writes this cheese? I've perused dating sites and laugh at the liars on there. Give me someone who has honed at least some self-reflection, won't … [Read more...]