A Higher Possibility

Forty Principles, Tools, and Aphorisms  Consciousness is that which recognizes itself. The universe is not oppositional—only our minds are. Everything changes. Everything happens in cycles. Everything contributes. Everything contains within itself the seed of its apparent … [Read more...]

No Room for Cowards

Another example of how our early incident forms our character and defines who we become in the world. The following story, including the pictures, is taken from on-line news sources: In a recent interview with CBS, Scott Pelley asked Hillary Clinton to tell a story about her mother from her … [Read more...]

Determining Our Life’s Path

“It is not an original revelation that some who have weathered great challenges when they were young created great things as adults.” The Gift of Fear, by Gavin de Becker There is the young boy who, out of simple curiosity, took a match to the small white dingle balls, then hid the bedroom … [Read more...]

How Hard Could It Be?

At the Leadership Sonoma retreat I facilitated with Michael Naumer in 2000, I worked with Sharon on her "incident." Her unusual refrain of, "How hard could it be?" stuck with me for the last 16 years. Her "incident," flavored with spunk and determination, appeared repeatedly throughout her life. … [Read more...]

An “Incident” Revealed

In my last blog I wrote about my "incident" and how "unpacking" it helped me embrace what happened to me as a child. Having worked with it for years, I've developed an antennae for ferreting out people's defining moments. It's not like I'm on the look-out for it; when you spend enough … [Read more...]

A Defining Moment

The story of our life is not our life. It's simply our story. It is my belief that our way of being is subconsciously based on a defining moment that impacted us in our childhood. If we had the ability to take that moment, delaminate from it, and view it from a distance, we could see that what … [Read more...]

Beyond the Game

Audio: click arrow to listen A “What’s So” Letter to Michael Naumer October 21, 1942 - May 4, 2001 Sitting in your black canvas director's chair, tilting your head, cocking an eyebrow and wiggling your right foot, you listened. You had us raise our hands and stand to speak. No moving the … [Read more...]