The Mind is a Dangerous Neighborhood

Scanning for Gratitude It all started with the white showing through on the hole in your pocket. Of course it started before then, but the hole is when things really began for me. I watched the white go back and forth in front of me as you did the room, talking, sharing, inspiring- calling … [Read more...]

"I enjoy candlelit dinners, a walk on a moonlit beach, and spending time in the woods enjoying the beautiful nature around us." Oh please. Who writes this cheese? I've perused dating sites and laugh at the liars on there. Give me someone who has honed at least some self-reflection, won't … [Read more...]

Soul Musings

How do I care for my soul? By dancing and being whirled so fast that the room spins and I shriek! What else? Cowboy boots, painted toenails, and my faded 501s. Lavender fields, weeping willows, and sweet peas; a ripe pomegranate, a preening peacock, and Sam, my son’s dog. An armada of leaf-cutter … [Read more...]

Cripple Creek to Salt Lake City and Back

Vacation Postscript (July 27, 2006) My brother, his wife Marian, and I just returned from our fifth road trip of gathering family history: searching through county records, newspaper archives, and historical museums hunting for birth and death records, local articles, pictures, deeds, wills and old … [Read more...]

My Mother and Me: From A to Z

Over the past few years my mother has been following me around, showing up in my stomach, my bones, and my dreams. She used to be a dull ache inside me, but not so much anymore. Mom wasn’t cruel or abusive—there was no sliver to take out, no bullet to remove, no thorn to pluck. In the five years I … [Read more...]

Beyond the Game

Audio: click arrow to listen A “What’s So” Letter to Michael Naumer October 21, 1942 - May 4, 2001 Sitting in your black canvas director's chair, tilting your head, cocking an eyebrow and wiggling your right foot, you listened. You had us raise our hands and stand to speak. No moving the … [Read more...]

On Being Four

Birthday Letter to My Son: You were four when I picked you up from school, and I could see that you were upset. “Mom, do you know what happens to us when we die!” “Do tell.” “Charlie sang a song about John Henry, and when he died, they buried him in the ground!” “Well, what did you think … [Read more...]

About “Behind These Doors” Published Excerpts

My writing began with “Queen Bee,” a short piece I wrote some years ago that cracked me open like an overripe pomegranate, spilling emotions I’d kept inside since I was a kid. When I shared it with my siblings, it gave us a connection we hadn’t had. That led to a reunion, created out of my interest … [Read more...]