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1.99.8 Larry’s Diary, Misc Entries 1953

1953 • Larry’s diary (age 19)
Jan  Took Marian to movies many times
Jan  Night class, square dance. Church orchestra. Montalvo (private artist retreat) in Saratoga with Marian, May, and Jim for Rudolf Serkin piano concert.

Marian McLellan

Feb  Took Marian to Santa Clara University concert, dance, etc.
Feb  Solo for Frosh-Soph mixer in Union. I tied first bass in entertainment, Norman played for me. Saw dress rehearsal of “Revelries” one of a few. Solo for recital

Mar  Working 48 hours a week at Burger Bar as cook and going to classes full time
Mar  Basketball games to pep band. Glasses. IQ test. Dr. Ross. Newman convention. Draft exam. Boston Symphony. Diamond ring, Carleen married.

Apr  Ruth Oakley to “La Boheme” at San Jose Civic Aiditorium. Poker and beer at Bobs after Burger Bar till dawn. Took Marian to Stanford to see “Solomon”

Jun  Senior Ball at Bay Meadows, Ruth Oakley. Carleen graduated, 1st one. Mendocino trip (science class)

Jul  Took Doris Irwin to Chico. Carmel Bach Festival, ocean and brass choir. Quit Burger Bar after 5 months and summer school, good job, all I could eat
Jul  Quit cooks union. Took June M. to circus. San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (beer) and Mt. Hamilton observatory. Took Barbara Buckalew to Montalvo play. San Jose State College summer orchestra. To Minnesota for vacation, two weeks

Aug  Went with dad and sisters to Minnesota. Cousin took us on Mississippi River in small boat, visited relatives on farms. Saw Ringling Bros Circus with sisters and Aunt Elizabeth, saw Mayo Clinic where she worked. Also visited Yellowstone Park and other places on way to Minnesota
Aug  Had a summer job at American Can Company loading cans onto boxcar for 8 hours a day, good pay, had to join union. Worked from 3:30 to midnight and am going to summer school classes during the day

Note: Other than a comment written in at the top on Valentine’s Day 1955, these are the final entries, interspersed on various blank dates, in my brother’s diary. Larry had typed up the entries he thought would be of interest to me from the first couple of years to include in the book. He later lent me the diary, where I transcribed his last three years of notations almost in full.

to be continued…

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  1. Jim Chatfield says:

    He was a busy young man and really must have had a tremendous amount of energy. You can be proud of a brother like that.

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