Through Any Given Door

1.97 Larry’s Diary, Oct – Nov 1952

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 18)
Oct 1 – 6  (typical entries about classes, band, dating, friends, and work)
Oct 7  Band marched, rehearsal. I’m on inter-departmental commission, $9 dues. Then did Harmony, over 6 hours on one paper, 10 to 4 A.M. Big smile from Gail at school in morn. Didn’t bother anymore. Porter moved car.
Oct 8 – 12  (typical entries about classes, band, dating, friends, and work)
Oct 13  Phoned Gail G. Talked little. She used to Admire and Respect until that fatal day. Watched Stanford – Michigan on T.V. Stanford won. Fixed car radio up
Oct 14  Letter from mom with $5. Wants me to see her over Thanksgiving. Jim Day moved to Alum Rock
Oct 15 – 18  (misc. entries)
Oct 19  Kids downstairs scratched paint on car on trunk and a little on top with stick and shoes, bawled one out
Oct 20 – 21  (misc. entries)
Oct 22  Newman club meeting. Went thru Notre Dame high then took Peg to Soph-Frosh mixer, danced little, tired left early. Letter from Mom with $5
Oct 23 – 31  (misc. entries)

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 18)
Nov 1 – 10  (typical entries about classes, band, dating, friends, and work)
Nov 11  Went to Sonora for Armistice Day. Mom cooked supper. First time she was home since last April or May, I did not expect to see her. Went to Oakdale football game and both Mom and Dad were there to see Carleen perform as band majorette

Carleen, band majorette (mid 2nd row)

Nov 12  Both noon and night band rehearsal, marched in rain. Slept in afternoon, up till 3 doing homework. Practiced horn. Without a car now
Nov 13  Band rehearsed in rain again. Waited for Montana team to leave field. Card from Red Cross saying I have type A Positive blood. Mrs. Fish called and wants me to hash. Taking it.
Nov 14  (misc. entries)
Nov 15  Called dad and he will send me money he owes me so I can get my car fixed (new motor cost $269.53). Car in Escalon where it broke down
Nov 16 – 18  (misc. entries)
Nov 19   Missed Student Activities meeting, thought it was tomorrow. Got check for $250 from Dad
Nov 20 – 21  (misc. entries)

Carleen 1952

Nov 22  Motor in car cost $269.33 paid $250.00 and charged rest. Drove home slow. Introduced Art Daniel (Larry’s best friend in college) around, coffee at Europa with Art and Carleen. Steak dinner with trimmings. Letter from Mom giving new address in Ogden, Utah
Nov 23  Drove car back to San Jose, took four hours.
Nov 24  Went to Peg’s house. Stamped my own Xmas present book and wrapped it. Will sell all my sheets of stamps at face value for $54.00 to Peterson Engineering for postage to mail the books.
Nov 25 – 30  (misc. entries)

Oct 29, 1952:  As Larry was away at college, Carleen drove to San Francisco with Dad to buy records for the store. Her handwriting is across the top of the cable car card and dated on the back. As always, when going to the city, Dad stopped for crab and sourdough French bread at Fisherman’s Wharf. These two cards from that day are from her photo album.

to be continued…

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