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1.95 Larry’s Diary, Sep 1952

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 18)
Sep 1-2  (no entries)
Sep 3  Trip to Modesto for band practice. No Nellie. Got uniform, too small for me, all they had. $2.50 fee. 4 basses, I’m 1st chair. Back to Sonora then sleep then to Sacramento next morn.
Sep 4  Went to Sacramento State fair to play with Stanislaus County Band Concert and marches. Saw Xavier Cugat show. Busy day
Sep 5  Dad left for Fales hot springs over Sonora Pass. Will be gone for one week. Trena and I take care of store while he’s gone. Paying me $50.00 per week.
Sep 6  Juanita H. phoned up and invited me to her party, played cards. Low man. Called up Gail H. Helped Pat with dishes
Sep 7  Went to church and communion also Betty and Claudia. Only took in $15.00 all day at store. Fixed card rack completely and made out order for cards
Sep 8  Went to show with Dwaine McDonald saw The Prowler at Uptown. O.K. show. Drove Gail H. and Barbara M. home to Twain Harte. Danced at G.H. house all afternoon
Sep 9  Bought pair of flannel pants and 2 shirts at Baers. Also part cashmere sweater. Bill almost $30.00. Paid it in full. Letter to Dad from Mom asking why I don’t write
Sep 10  Made out sheet music order and return. Carleen working at school during registration, left at 7:30 this morn. Didn’t even know she was home
Sep 11  Finally got around to having stripe on two spare tires, Dick did it at night, and I put tires on and off. Washed car. Dad got back from vacation. Had to go through Tahoe
Sep 12  Took Gail H. out. Watched football practice for short time. No show. Then to Lake then to Pinecrest. A real fine date. Had her home by 2. Drove slow. Talked and sang
Sep 13  Worked last full day at store. Got final check from Moccasin $60.00, $45.00 clear. Packed things into car. Lamp from store, also bronze bookend.
Sep 14  Took Gail H. and saw Pat and Mike at Uptown. Lower sold out. Home early as she has school tomorrow. She forgot where car was. Dad paid me back $200 and still owes me $300.
Sep 15  Had my teeth cleaned by Dr. MacConnel in Sonora, $3. Drove back to San Jose to get ready for school. Football player and wife moved in downstairs, girls moved out.
Sep 16  Back in San Jose State. Visited cousin Jim Day and his wife Thelma.
Sep 17  Worked as waiter at $100 per plate Republican Party dinner, Elks Club and Masonic dinners. Got paid $2.50 plus meal.
Sep 18  (no entry)
Sep 19  Put in full 8 hrs at Engen Co. typing. Sent football team off to Colorado at 6:30 A.M., only bout 30 new students showed up. I took Carol K. Drove around San Jose in eve. Had pizza at 11 P.M.
Sep 20 Took Pat Collins to Saratoga Theater. Mutiny and Toast of New Orleans loge seats. Starlight after. Worked for Delta Zeta all morn. 3 1/2 hrs 3 1/2 $
Sep 21  Ed didn’t show at church, had coffee with Mary. Got in a pickle. Talked to Mrs. La Grose (KKG: Kappa Kappa Gamma) and Mrs. Stetzel (DZ: Delta Zeta) over hashing job.
Sep 22  Registered. Hello to Gail, smile. Went to Registration dance. Every dance with Gail W. Home by 1. Hashed supper 1st time at DZ.
Sep 23  Hashed morn 7-8. Worked 8 hrs for Peterson Co. Going to work for KKG for sure, sang and talked at DZ house with Elaine and Jill.
Sep 24  Have to change classes. English homework. Took Barbara Priest home from Newman dance, Walked Peggy around 2 blocks, she cried and just broke up.
Sep 25  Wrote letter to Dad. Returned typewriter to Tom S. Voice class intros. Hot today.
Sep 26  Took Carol Kennedy to Roller derby at Municipal stadium. Skaters men and women, home by 1. Last day of hashing for DZ. Got frat pin and shingle.

Mom 1952

Sep 27  Took Elaine W. to drive-in and saw High Noon, glance of Claudia in movie. Heavenly Foods after. Letter from mom with picture and postcards, she has good job in Nevada. 
Sep 28  Standard time starts again. Read history, English and harmony, tried to call Peg, no one home. Invited to supper next door, pork etc. Talked and watched TV.
Sep 29  Hashed at old KKT (Kappa Kappa Tau) house 1st time. Ed didn’t show up at DZ house so I washed dished for 1 hour just for him. 2 1/2 hours at Peterson Co. typing. TALKED to Gail about 10 words
Sep 30  Band 1st night rehearsal, 6 basses. Drove Corrie Bourns home after stopped for coffee and orange juice at Starlite. Borrowed ink from George Porter downstairs, introduced and then talked. Lessons in advanced tennis. Got uniforms.


Gary Cooper, High Noon

The gold country was a series of small frontier towns and a mecca for the studios shooting westerns around the Mother Lode and it was a big deal when the film stars were in town. The locals rented out rooms; the Sonora Inn wasn’t big enough to hold all the actors and crews. High Noon (filmed in Sonora, nearby Columbia, and Tuolumne in July 1952) starred Gary Cooper and my sister Claudia. Hired as an extra, she made $15 for a children’s scene filmed in front of a Tuolumne church. Most of it ended up on the cutting room floor, giving her a three-second appearance, thus leaving her fourteen minutes and fifty-seven seconds to complete her claim to fame. She says she peaked early.

to be continued…

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  1. This is one busy guy! I see Gail popping up here and there a lot. Am waitin to see if this will be “the one”

  2. Barbara Jacobsen says:

    I’m confused about all the Gails….seems like there are 3 of them. Was he still seeing the one who broke up with him?

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