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1.89 Larry’s Diary, May 1952

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 18)
May 1  Art Daniel decided not to pledge. After, spent evening at Gingers alone. Girls at A Capella performance. At Mary B’s early for Harmony
May 2  Grammar School of County came to High School for play day. Saw show Three Godfathers. Took bath again
May 3  Sonora band and Mr. Hagemeyer didn’t come down but watched soloists. Bee stung me on shoulder. No hashers at Gamma Phi
May 4  Went to doctor for pimples. Ray Harden got burned with hot lead at the Democrat office. Packed stamps in 1,000 packages.
May 5  Start of Hell Week. Didn’t have uniform or anything. Didn’t see Gail at 8:30 2nd time. Waited at Virginia’s house but she had ride
May 6  Got Petition for Representative at Large. Running against Doc Weaver. Got about 80 memos already, need 110. Played Freshman Band without piano, Mary Jo didn’t show
May 7  Took Dennie and three other girls to Revelries “Kiss Me Hello” long show. Wore Phi Mu Alpha uniform and equipment. Went to Frosh meeting. Turned in petition with 112 signatures
May 8  Understanding between Gail and I — all off. Had lug nuts on drive line replaced $10.00. Letter from dad, Mom in Las Vegas working. Took $50 from bank
May 9  Took Steva Goff to El Rancho and saw African Queen home by 11:30. Drove out to Arts after show. Played in pep band for inter-squad game
May 10  Had BBQ at Alum Rock Park. Took Ginger to Alum Rock Drive-in after and saw triple feature. Talked, coffee, home by 3:10 A.M.
May 11  Became a member of Phi Mu Alpha. Formal initiation and banquet, paid $30.00. Dinner at O’Briens.
May 12  Went around with Ingrid and George and talked to all Greek organizations, I gave short speech to Greek fraternity and other groups. Met Doc Weaver. Gail snubbed me today, Painted signs
May 13  Got cards printed up and passed some out. Put signs on campus. Bob Durham had baby girl. Had Blue card talk with McKenzie. Put cards on car windows
May 14  Platform printed in Spartan Daily. Played in Dixie jazz band for campaign, Firehouse 10 Minus 5. Gave campaign talk in Speech class.
May 15  1st day of voting. Stayed up ill 3 studying for Psych test. Harmony and Speech. Practiced with Mary Jo. Had picture taken in the Spartan Daily as candidate
May 16  Chairman for speech, got 8 and 5 on speech. Went to Campbell concert, then went to Newman dance with Saul. Gail there with new boyfriend, didn’t dance with her
May 17  Played tennis with Art. Won 1st set and lost 2nd in dark after hashing. Went to Dennies and had some home made wine. Lost election for Representative at large
May 18  Went to St. Joseph church fixing roof. Played tennis. Went swimming at Stevens Creek Dam
May 19  Got a strong B+ in Psych test. Band played for Santa Clara Seniors, a short concert. Grace, Art and I guided a small Los Gatos group around campus. Hot.
May 20  Bill Tyler paid me $5.00 he lost in bet on Student body president.
May 21  Took Mary Bell to Spring sing. Told Gail “Hope friend satisfies desires” and she walked off
May 22  Took Ed Wright with me to San Francisco and we went to Civil Service about job again. Car heated up and had trouble getting it to San Jose. Late for hashing. Mary Bell gave me a ride from library
May 23  Went to 11th St. capers, street dancing, much fun.
May 24  Took Steva Goff to parade down town Eagles convention, Bands and drill team. Slept till 2 p.m. Hashed alone.
May 25  Took Elaine Wurts to Almaden lodge $1.50 to get in. Swam, had BBQ picnic and danced till 10. A real grand time. Lot of people at first. Got there about 1:30 A.M.
May 26  Had dress rehearsal for band concert. All 3 hashers left early. Studied with Elaine
May 27  San Jose State band gave Spring Concert. Played Beckers number. Ed and I only basses. Bill Tyler gave me $3.00 for watch, band broken in three places and only worked part time but he wanted it.
May 28  Saw Pat Whittaker on 6th St. so took her to San Jose drive-in. Ladies nite so only paid for me. Forward gal, home by 3. Band rehearsing Pomp and Circumstance. Coffee with Elaine. Haircut at Pete’s
May 29  Took Elaine Wurts to show With a Song in my Heart (Jane Froman story) and to Heavenly Foods after. Talked til 2 A.M.
May 30  Played tennis with Donna H and then cracked nuts at her house. Drove around back road in country past 18th St. Had pizza at the Pizzeria on 1st St.
May 31  Dennie and guy from U.S.C. at her house, talked, new game, and had my 1st “screwdriver” large glass, half vodka, half orange juice, ice

to be continued …

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  1. Barbara Jacobsen says

    Such a busy boy!!!!

  2. What are hashers? He continues to impress as he makes his own way.