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1.87 Larry’s Diary, April 1952

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 18)
Apr 1  Wrote letter to Folks, Betty C. Carol G. Max H., and Merced girl. Played Bruckner.
Apr 2  (no entry)
Apr 3  Met Gail and Winnie and Art and we went to the park and played tennis in morn. Gails mother came riding out and watched us. Composed hymn tune for class
April 4  Took Donna to drive-in along with Saul in his car. Saw Retreat, Hell!. Listened to Orchestra and chorus rehearse. Danced till 1 at Harkes
Apr 5-6  (no entries)
Apr 7  Band gave concert this morn for mens convention. Played this afternoon with the Monterey High School band in clinic
Apr 8  Played with the Salinas High School band in clinic for M.E.N.C. (Music Educators National Conference) Got $80 tax refund.
Apr 9  Had to tell Gail that she should completely break up with me but she said nope. Talked with Mary Beth for an hour about problems.
Apr 10  Went to the Phi Sigma Kappa barbecue at Alum Rock Park. Alpha Phi there also. Spent most of the night with Virginia and Don. Phoned up Virginia Drake and made date for Saturday
Apr 11  Got Special Delivery from Phi Sigma Kappa inviting me to pledge. Gave 1st speech in streets of San Jose
Apr 12  Took Virginia Dickie to Cottontime Dance at Civic auditorium. Then to Heavenly Foods. Went to confession 1st time in 4 years, penance one every night for 4 nights.
Apr 13  Went to Communion at St. Pats. Played in Arts Orchestra. Called up Rosemond and Babe (Dolores) tried to find her house. Slept at Arts
Apr 14  Got a C on my first Psych test. Bill and I hashed alone for 70 some girls. Had string bass trio in MAI
Apr 15  Took Gail and Winnie to Dentist, then Gail to country. Cars all around park. Johnson and I had best String Bass lesson today. Talked to other Gail. She’s dropping school soon to work
Apr 16  Frank Duclair fired as Sonora police chief (gambling scandal) and Munson on council will probably take over. Peterson (Harmony teacher) asked me to play on Music Department team. Came up behind me and I almost tackled him.
Apr 17  Got record player fixed so it can play through radio and bought needle cost $5.00 altogether. Gave speech on my accident, got a 6 on it. Took Gail to country
Apr 18  Took Mary Bell to String Quartet concert at Civic then to Newman Club dance, talked and home by one A.M. Tore railing down in room and moved bed. Showed Mary room, needed Woman’s TOUCH
Apr 19  Sat with Marsha and Mary M. at Judo matches. Virginia didn’t show. Read La Torre. Called up raft of gals for Santa Cruz tomorrow
Apr 20  Art, Nancy, and Steva Goff and I off to Santa Cruz. Took ginger Schrader to church for program, home by 2 A.M.
Apr 21  Turned in final Hymn for Harmony, Art and I practiced String Bass, took fan out to be fixed. Talked to Gail, she sold La Torres. Went to Phi Mu smoker
Apr 22  Took a group of about 30 girls and 3 boys on a campus tour of San Jose State. Took 1 hour, I was first one to start. Art and I hashed. When to Gingers house and had tea. Drove her home from work.
Apr 23  Took Gail for drive in country and she told me not to go out with Nancy D. anymore. Went over to Gingers house in evening and typed, then to outside, clear nite
Apr 24  Stayed up all night to do harmony assignment, make-up spread, and study Psych. Finished THIRD outline for my speech 3 pages long for 5 minutes
Apr 25  Gave speech on tuba got a low 5, had two horns of display. Had Psych test on chapter 3. Had section rehearsal of band Brass in MAI Bairds (music professor) room
Apr 26  Rode Mary Bell to Southern Pacific station and saw her off to San Francisco. Drove to Woodside School and applied for summer music teaching job, $12 hour or better. About 22 miles away
Apr 27  Didn’t know Daylight saving time started so sat in church 2 hrs. Jackie Roubau sat in front and Barbara Pier on side. Played in brass choir. Took Virginia Dickie to eat out
Apr 28  Ed Wright hashed 1st time. Got A- Psych test, 37 out of 40 right. Followed Dixie and trucks of students for half day in caravan around town with Ginger. Was paid $5. Had GAIL in front of house.
Apr 29  Auditioned for Phi Mu Alpha. Didn’t even get to finish, had music quiz, took oath, and then received pledge pin. Typed at Gingers house after, up till 2 doing Harmony.
Apr 30  Got A on Psych test. Passed in FOURTH speech outline on tuba. Stayed up most of night studying.


When Mom left in May of 1950 and Dad hired Ima Deaton help us younger girls, she lived with us for a while; then during the next two years she just came off and on. Now that Carleen was sixteen and running the household, she told Dad to let her go altogether. She felt Ima didn’t do much and that he was pouring money down the drain. Carleen also thought Ima wasn’t too bright. She’d shown Claudia how to pull loose eyelashes out so they wouldn’t stick in your eye and Claudia took her literally, pulling out all her eyelashes, making her look quite strange. This finally convinced Dad that Carleen might be right. However, it may have been Claudia’s nervousness and not Ima’s fault, as Claudia had been pulling tufts of her hair out too. At a community picnic Dad noticed a big bald spot at the crown of his daughter’s blonde head and roared, “What in the hell have you been doing? I’ll snatch you completely baldheaded if I catch you you doing such a thing again!”

Ima married a cowboy in Jamestown at the end of April, so she wouldn’t be coming to help anymore anyway.

to be continued …

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  1. Edna M. Bowcutt says:

    What does “hash” mean?

    • The hashing job Larry had in the sorority house was doing whatever the cook wanted him to do, mainly serving food, doing dishes and cleaning up after meals. Occasionally the hashers helped the cook prepare the meals. They were not allowed to date any of the girls in the particular sorority in which they worked, so it was not a way to meet girls. They received a small salary, but the main reason they hashed was to get a good dinner.

  2. Barbara Jacobsen says:

    Yes, all that work, music, movies, dating really helped him grow.

  3. Love love, love reading his diary. No shortage of girls at this stage.

    • Until I started posting his diary, I thought he only had two girls in his life: his first girlfriend in high school, and then his wife. I’m glad he had that experience. He always worked so hard and the music, dating, and movies rounded him out.

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