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1.86 Larry’s Diary, Mar 1952

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 18)
Mar 1  Hashed then played horn with Mike on drums and Pete on piano. Jazz toned and orgininal tunes. Got sheets from laundry. Saw wreck in front of house
Mar 2  Played in Art’s Orchestra again, also sang in choir. Went to Gail’s after and read her term paper on jazz. Brought book of accounts up to date
Mar 3  Talked to Sorenson about buying jumbo sousaphone. Kate Sorenson bit lip through in car accident at stop sign
Mar 4  Gave winter concert. I was 1st chair for 6 tubas in Bruckner Symphony. Also played “Les Preludes” by Liszt. Wore my black suit 1st time
Mar 5  Took May E. to March Melodies. Missed Gamma Phi Sing. Mary Jo accompanied me on solos in practice. Read Art’s term paper on tuba
Mar 6  Hashed, had 2 guys there from Frat too, I was head. Took Gail bowling. Rained hard. Got letter from Betty C. asking me back to Vallejo.
Mar 7  May move to Pete’s house. Played Solo for Bibbons, school audition, didn’t get anything
Mar 8  Took Gail to Rockies Pizza place and she took some home, one of the best ever. Hashed for Conrad again. Pete and Mike out at Rockies already
Mar 9  Played in Art’s Orchestra. Dead week just starting
Mar 10 – 11  (no entries)
Mar 12  Took Gail to Strand and saw Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. She cried after in car and said she could live with folks and only one answer
Mar 13  Hitchhiked home to Sonora. Rode with Burden and school teachers. Applied for job as bus driver for crippled kids.
Mar 14  Painted whole kitchen with green paint while mom was gone to San Francisco as a surprise for her. It turned out a good job but the color was odd. Took everything out of cupboards and put knobs on
Mar 15  Went to 1st class of theory started by Mr. Hagemeyer, pretty good. Put finishing touches on kitchen. Got haircut for $1.00
Mar 16  Don Grant and I went over to Angels camp in Dad’s car and visited White Fence over there. Back early. Played in High School Band and Orchestra
Mar 17  Went to Orchestra practice and played String Bass. Sent crazy St. Patrick’s card to Gail
Mar 18  Took car up towards Twain Harte and the snow with Don Grant and Duane Jacobsen. Saw show Bend in the River with Jimmy Stewart. Had pass

Mom and Dad, 1946 Plymouth

Mar 19  Wrecked dad’s car. Followed Don Grant and Duane Jacobson out Springvale Road and didn’t make a corner. Car rolled completely over in gully and was total wreck and they took me to hospital. Had stitches and a sore back. Car insured.
Mar 20  Doc said back and bones ok so can go back to school next quarter.
Mar 21  Had a ride as far as Hayward with Mrs. Greene then hitched a ride to San Jose. Went to Gails house and we went for a ride and talked and had agreement
Mar 22  Registered for Spring quarter. Taking Public Speaking, Physics, Harmony, Band, Music, Tennis, String Bass and Advanced String Bass. Went to Registration dance stag with Wayne. Saw Gail and talked
Mar 23  Ed Wright and I went to San Francisco and signed up for jobs, bought crab on Fisherman’s Wharf and saw international settlement and Finocchios.
Mar 24  All registered. Grades for last quarter were Harmony A, Band A, Music C, Advanced Bass B, Advanced Basketball A, String Bass B, Poli Sci C, Orchestra C. Dropped Physics and P.H. Got a 2. altogether
Mar 25  Paid $10 down for new room, Conrad M. flunked out and I had to see Mrs. Foull to get job back. Mike Synay almost screwed me out of it but only for 1 nite. I now hash steady
Mar 26  1st day of Spring quarter. Saw Gail at 8:30 rode out to 8th St. Talked to Downey about C in Orchestra
Mar 27  Article in Democrat about accident. Don Brazio and other guy took ice cream while helping hash, Manzi fined and fired them
Mar 28  Don Grant came down, got date and went to drive-in. He had Dolores Dick and I had Janice something, blind date that I phoned from George H. place. Nice looking gals
Mar 29  Went to Santa Cruz for first time. Don Grant, Art G. and I plus Lois C., Carol, and Janice from Gamma Phi, had good time, little burn and cold from water
Mar 30  Went to San Jose Drive-in for 1st time. took Donna H and Don Grant took local gal. Played in church orchestra. Played some tennis with Don, lost 2 out of 3
Mar 31  (no entry)

to be continued …

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