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1.85 Larry’s Diary, Feb 1952

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 18)
Feb 1 – 7  (no entries)
Feb 8  Didn’t see anyone today. Had little tussle with couple of kids. One of ’em Dave Grinaldo, Art’s brother
Feb 9  Saw Gail and John B. Tilly for last time
Feb 10  Dad came down in evening. Have lost 10 lbs in last couple of weeks. Saw Murdy and John F. and got clothes. Got as far as modulation in Harmony
Feb 11  Dad here. Saw Gail and Al 1st thing at school. Talked to Dr. Downey then Dean Benz. Dad gave me chicken then took off for San Francisco. Got haircut
Feb 12  Had physics lab and played well in orchestra. Got suit altered. Ate lunch with Gail, brought in car. Saw Mancini then sat in front of St. Pats church
Feb 13  Saw Lees and am going to drop Public Health 60A. Johnson said to keep on String Bass. Had nosebleeds. Missed S.J.C. Orchestra practice. Didn’t get any bluecards
Feb 14  Saw school Doc about nose. I have some blood vessels close to the surface and they break easily so he put some silver nitrate on biggest one. Rode Gail out to bowling.
Feb 15  Went to 2nd San Jose Symphony Orchestra concert but didn’t play because I missed last 3 rehearsals. Name on program. Sat with Art. Ate at Gail’s house, her mother there
Feb 16  Spent all day doing Harmony, didn’t even take off P.J.s, got all back work done, wrote letter to N.J., Crookshank, Draft Board and Folks
Feb 17  Had dinner at Art’s house the played in his Orchestra at the neighborhood church in Willow Glen, went to Gail’s house after
Feb 18  Passed in back work in Harmony, about 5 pages. Had night dress rehearsal of band in upstairs music building
Feb 19  Band gave winter concert, went very well, full uniform. Stayed up most of the night studying. Went to Spartan Village saw Bob and Trula Day (Uncle George Day’s son by his first wife)
Feb 20  Dropped Public Health and am auditing Physics. Made up a history test. Had black suit altered cost $7
Feb 21  Took Gail out to countryside between classes. Letter from Dad with razor head in it. Hashed for Conrad tonight, was head hasher
Feb 22  Had school then took off for Frisco. Brakes gave out. Joe Drabkin not there but slept in his bed overnight. Pep band played at Cow Palace
Feb 23  Went to Vallejo and Betty C. gave me tour of town and drove my car around, then took her to drive-in, her first date in over (?) years because of folks.
Feb 24  Played in Art’s Orchestra 2nd time. Left early and went to Gail’s and watched T.V. Went to church then drove back to San Jose.
Feb 25  Peterson sick so no Harmony class, made up Poli Sci test during practice. Air raid alarm. Told Gail that’s all on phone
Feb 26  Took Mary Eckstrom to cappella choir concert given by Erlendson. Gail apologized throughout the day and I’m undecided
Feb 27  Band went to Gilroy and gave benefit concert, small crowd. Concert given in gym. Rode over with Pat and back with May
Feb 28  Went to Gails and studied between classes then took her bowling, she had charlie horse, bad fast one, 5 minutes
Feb 29  Gail took me to show and coffee after, her treat. Shamrock drive-in. 1st date with her in over a month. Paid $4.00 for brake line

to be continued …

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  1. He is so independent and follows a straight path. Quite a guy for one so young.

  2. Susan Davidson Dalberg says:

    Any pictures of this Gail? Freshman years are soooo tough!!

  3. Janet Sasaki says:

    Suspense with Gail. Fun to follow with his life, especially the music, and see his determination with school. Reminds me of when I went to college, dropping a class, or auditioning one!

  4. Barbara Jacobsen says:

    Sounds like a tumultuous relationship with Gail…big lessons! Glad he’s staying with his music. Such a busy boy!

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