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1.84 Larry’s Diary, Jan 1952

1952 • Larry’s diary (age 17 and 18)
Jan 2  Had party at house
Jan 3  1st day of Winter quarter. Taking Harmony, Musicianship, Physics of Sound (Lecture and Lab), Basketball, String Bass, Advanced String Bass, Band, Political Science Science, Orchestra
Jan 4  Told Gail to go out with anyone she wants to and she doesn’t want to. Still keeps turning others down. Now have Poli Sci
Jan 5  Went to San Francisco to sign up for job but Civil Service closed. Went to Chinatown and got 2 packs of Fook Look cigarettes.

Chinatown, San Francisco 1952

Jan 6  Had Spam rice and enchiladas at Gail’s house. Bowled 1st time in long time for 50 first game and 123 second game. Took bass home
Jan 7  First day for Harmony G.B. had 1st string bass lesson. Am taking 16 1/2 units again this quarter. New girl in Harmony, May.
Jan 8  Physics lab all morning, Bruckner in Orchestra. 3 tubas and 2 baritone parts
Jan 9  San Jose Symphony last time at Newman. Now rehearsal at Willow Glen High. Took $50 from bank and cashed 2nd Xmas check $18.27 paid Jan-Feb rent $10 deposit, rent $50
Jan 10  Had Pizza with Erin and Gail then rode around to bowling and watched for a while, then orchestra. Maudine called up and made date for Formal dance in Feb
Jan 11  Had 1st playing string bass lab, only 2 basses. Told Gail to get date for Friday and she did. Showed May E. a little bowling at Newman
Jan 12  Took Gail to College of Pacific basketball game. We lost 36-35. Had stew at her house. Car had $10 job done on distributor
Jan 13  Gail gave me blue shirt and card for birthday. Had leg of lamb and watched T.V. Car wouldn’t start. Water leaked on spark plugs.
Jan 14  (birthday, age 18) Went out on 1st hashing job at Sorority house. Tamale pie. Girl announced engagement and another eloped. Rained heavy. Hit guy in head with teeth in basketball
Jan 15  Physics lab. Murdy phoned up and asked me to Senior Ball in Feb. O.K. Formal and she has to buy $15.00 bid for it
Jan 16  Went to Gail’s house and then took her to gym practice at new school.
Jan 17  Took Gail home between classes. Got letter from Joe Drabkin
Jan 18  Bought over coat for $4.00. Hashed. Didn’t get chance to play basketball
Jan 19  Went babysitting with Gail, called her up first. Told her she can date anyone she wants as I can’t take her out.
Jan 20  Went to Baptist church and Rosicrucians Egyptian Museum. Got Murdy then had tour of hospital and babies only 3 or 4 hours old. Saw church movie then had her back, then to Gail’s.
Jan 21  Left Bass out and Sorenson, music teacher, took it for repair. Hashed at Phi Beta Gamma again. Phil Busker came to me and put me at head of committee.
Jan 22  Went to Phi Mu Alpha (Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a music fraternity) smoker, cost $30 to join and audition and good grades. Grades O.K. and I have been accepted. Physics lab
Jan 23  Went to San Jose Symphony Orchestra 2nd time at High School. Sandor Salgo called me twice to play in professional orchestra. Dropping Gail like hot potato. Had to argue with Sorenson to get String Bass back
Jan 24  Pete showed me some harmony at piano. Talked to Gail. Her folks want her to return my Xmas present to me
Jan 25  Went to church party with Art. His horn disappeared
Jan 26  New tires, wrong size, exchanged one of them for a recap, put in rubber on door and trunk. Laundry and room clean. Gail brought over Political Science book then saw room then left
Jan 27  Washed and waxed car. Gail out with Ed Griffiths. Was going to church orchestra with Art but no instrument so stayed home and studied
Jan 28  City (San Francisco)
Jan 29  City (San Francisco) – Missed Phi Mu Alpha audition and Physics test
Jan 30  Country. Moved (house at 420 So 7th Avenue, rented attic room for $15.00 a month)
Jan 31  (no entry)

Note: Larry did not write in his diary for part of 1948 and much of 1949. He used those blank days for 1952 entries.

to be continued …

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  1. Susan Davidson Dalberg says:

    Lots of female drama–welcome to college, eh?

  2. Barbara Jacobsen says:

    Just when I thought he and Gail were getting serious. He seems to have known his own mind, and did try to let her down kindly…..

  3. His life is so full! Quite a guy.

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