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1.83 Larry’s Diary, Nov-Dec 1951

1951 • Larry’s diary (age 17)
Nov 1  thru 10  (note: posts about classes, band, R.O.T.C. and dates with Gail)
Nov 11  Mom drove me back to San Jose as she was bringing Claudia down for eye trouble. Introduced them to Gail’s folks. I watched TV at her house till late
Nov 12  No school as yesterday was a holiday. Cleaned room and cooked spaghetti. Took Gail or vice versa to place near her home. She had a heater on tonight.
Nov 13  Read new batch of letters. Band practiced formation at night. Conrad tried to talk me into a job at Palomar Gardens as barkeeper and I could pass for 21
Nov 14 thru 26  (note: posts about school, Gail, band, Gail, football game, and Gail)
Nov 27  Went to Bank of America and applied for job but didn’t have enough experience. Had root beer and sour french bread here in room
Nov 28  Dressed up for school. Mancini came in and bawled out house at supper for washing machine and guys moving out
Nov 29  Gail phoned while I was at band rehearsal and Tom told her I was out with a girl. She was hopping mad but I called back at 8:15 and she calmed down. 2nd physics test
Nov 30  San Jose Sate football game. We lost 21-7, rained so left early. Paid $25 down on car. Tried to sell stamps too but didn’t. Transferred account and got cash

Dec 1  Took Gail to my first college basketball game. S.J.S. won both Varsity from Cal Poly and JV from San Bonito. Double date with Dean and Pat L., my old date
Dec 2  Took Gail to church, then had roast, then took her to show in folks car, David and Bathsheba. $2.00 to get in, but worth it
Dec 3  Had dress rehearsal of Orchestra, brass out early. Paid Pat L. last $100 for car (a 1937 gray Dodge coupe) and it wouldn’t start tonight. Gail in the doghouse for being out from 6 to 11:30
Dec 4  College Symphony gave 1st concert, didn’t play too much, bought new black bow tie, talked to Martha before. Name in Spartan Daily for Orchestra
Dec 5  Took car to garage to have brakes fixed, cost $45.00 – new brakes and cylinders. Washed dishes and made a buck for 1 hr. work. Went and played in Symphony rehearsal
Dec 6  Got name in music headlines in Democrat for 1st tuba in Orchestra. Missed Frosh orientation again for Physics Lab.
Dec 7  Gail’s treat to show. She had free passes and after she treated for pizza in Italian restaurant, good. Used her folks car as mine is still in garage
Dec 8  Took Gail to Wintermist semi-formal. Gail had new formal and yellow rose corsage, took her in my car 1st time but didn’t tell her, home by 4 A.M.
Dec 9  Took Gail to the musical given by college, 240 voices and Orchestra (small), no tuba part. Had tacos at her house for supper, then watched TV 
Dec 10  Went to nite dance for dance class, last time this quarter. Took car into garage for low rear wheel. Had two full tubs of laundry done at Laundromat, white and colored $1.10
Dec 11 – 20  (note: posts about classes, concert dress rehearsals, 1st haircut in 2 months, dates with Gail, had screw in tire changed to spare, tried to sell stamps again only sold 30 cents worth, school finals, raided garage and got four new tires, seat cover and battery, left car and hitchhiked to Sonora for Christmas vacation)
Dec 21  Went to Sonora High School and saw Xmas program, choir and band. Gave short talk to student body, talked about San Jose State, worked in store.
Dec 22  Went to show with Don Grant and saw Rhubarb. Worked late in store. Took black suit to be made over. Grammar school program, Claudia in chorus

Sonora Grammar School Chorus; Claudia in bottom row, circled in ink


Dec 23  Got $18 check for working in store. Took in about $1,200. Picked out overcoat for my own present $54.00.
Dec 24  Got shirt-Carleen, tie rack-Charlie and Velma, kerchiefs-Claudia, blanket-Mom and Dad, overcoat and pajamas.
Dec 25  Went to midnight mass with Carleen. She got hope chest for Xmas and I gave her tennis racquet
Dec 26 – 31  (note: posts about school, tuba, got pair of grained leather shoes for birthday present from Mom and Dad, put new battery in car, dinner at Gail’s and met her grandmother)

MEMORANDA for 1951: School, dance club, sax, Betty Crookshank, Fisher, Gail, Mary J., Fields and Beeler. Graduated from high school. Frosh camp. Most valuable music student at Sonora Union High School. 101 Manor, SJS and Civic Symphony Orchestra, saw Gen. MacArthur, summer at Moccasin, Porter and Durham married, started college at San Jose State, played at Music Festival in Berkeley. Bought car.

model of 1937 Dodge coupe

Until Larry bought his first car, a 1939 grey two-door coupe, my brother commonly hitchhiked 135 miles back and forth from San Jose State to Sonora.

to be continued …

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