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1.82 Larry’s Diary, Oct 1951

1951 • Larry’s diary (age 17)
Oct 1  Band rehearsed outdoors. Got name in Democrat for going to San Jose State. Dad resigned from Sonora City council, picture on front page of paper
Oct 2  Got four letters from girls from “Girl Friends”. Answered them all. Wrote letter to Mr. Wisler and Betty Crookshank also.
Oct 3  Took Pat Collins out to Newman Club Open House Dance, very cute and talkative! Home early and did homework. Nice dance
Oct 4  Frank moved across street. Went to Fraternity smoker with Enos, coffee and movie, looked thru house
Oct 5  Took Gail to Fraternity Barn Dance. Sat in back and gave lessons. Went with Fraternity Senior and his girl – good time
Oct 6  Band traveled to Fresno by Greyhound. We won 32-6 over Fresno State. Rode back with girl from next door, 150 miles, sang and slept
Oct 7  Got flock of mail from “Girl Friends”. Cleaned up room. Went to St. Patricks, church suit. Washed a lot of clothes
Oct 8  Yankees won World Series by 4 to 2 games over Giants. Went to Smoker. Got overtime check from Powerhouse for $10.00. Lost check. Had root beer and ice cream
Oct 9  Forgot mouthpiece and had to come back after, little late for night rehearsal. Went to Fraternity dinner, only rushes there. Did 1st Physics lab experiment
Oct 10  Got another batch of letters from “Girl Friends” Magazine. Also one from Bonnie Crookshank. Argued with Mary Jo and she came back and apologized. I was still mad.
Oct 11  Got telegram from Delta Sigma Phi saying I had been accepted as pledge, ceremonies Sunday, but I will not join as cost too much. Band rehearsal at stadium
Oct 12  San Jose band played for 3rd time for U.S.F. game, they won 2nd time this year by 42 – 7. 1st home game. Went to dinner with Pat Liebrinck, Gail and Merle, Al went stag
Oct 13  Stayed home almost all day. Cleaned up place, wrote letter to Folks, listened to records and talked. Watched Notre Dame – U.S.C. game on T.V. Notre Dame lost
Oct 14  Went to St. Pat. Church in morn then by bus to Gail’s house, ate dinner there and watched T.V. with her folks, pleasant day
Oct 15  San Jose State band practiced some light classical selections for 1st time. Art went thru my solos. He told me I may be drafted into Orchestra
Oct 16  Delta Sigs tried to get me in again but I told them I was going to wait for awhile. Dented head of razor but bent it back to shape. (note: live-in fraternity but not in Larry’s limited budget)
Oct 17  Downey got my name and I am now drafted into Orchestra. Don’t play much, 4 hours per week. Probably no credit. Only 1/2 unit even when counted
Oct 18  Took Gail to Frosh camp reunion. Missed food.
Oct 19  Got out of advanced brass and hitchhiked home, took 6 hours and 10 rides. Got home in time for supper, talked, then went to Ceres – Sonora game. Played in band
Oct 20  Went down to Jamestown and talked to Durham and wife, now moved to Lodi. Saw Grant and many others. Hagemeyer helped with fence
Oct 21  Went to Sonora church, then got ride with Mollie’s friends, guys here deer hunting. Brought back box of food and ate much at home
Oct 22  School elections held. Gail cut dancing class to stay with me for hour. Took her to Daily Auditorium. Took history and mid-term test
Oct 23  Saw all Greek show. All fraternities and sororities gave skits, very funny. Osborne talked to me after to join Delta Sig next quarter
Oct 24  Took Gail for spaghetti lunch, didn’t go to optional band rehearsal. Went to my first San Jose Symphony rehearsal, they invited me to come back and play.
Oct 25  Had Physics mid-term test. Also R.O.T.C. mid term, got 81% in R.O. but only got about a D grade, Washed 3 tubs of wash 75 cents, two white and one colored and sheets
Oct 26  Band played for San Jose – Loyala (Los Angeles) football game here. Went to wrong formation once and late for another
Oct 27  Don got blind date thru Gail, name Martha. Don’s best blind date ever. Saw drive-in show. Gail hot tonight, got home about 1:00 AM. Grant went to motel after, then to Modesto. Had wine at (?)
Oct 28  Slept late. Cleaned up room throughout, fixed clothes and drawers, swept up. Opened first jars: peaches, corn, and applesauce. Got tar on galoshes. Stinks
Oct 29  Practiced with Mary Jo in music building for 3 hours at night, had jazz session downstairs
Oct 30  Practiced “Yuba” and “Fiesta” with Mary Jo at Newman Club. Played in San Jose State Orchestra full 2 hours. Had room party, root beer and ice cream
Oct 31  Played in the San Jose Symphony 1st time, good music. Took Gail to Halloween party at Harold’s house.

Sandor Salgo

Sandor Salgo, the music director for the San Jose Symphony Orchestra and the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, recruited Larry to play the tuba in the San Jose Symphony, which he did for two years. It was quite an honor.

to be continued …

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  1. Larry Clemens says:

    I was only 17 years old & becoming social & independent

  2. Hmm…. wonder what “Gail hot tonight” meant! What a busy lad, making the most of his very full and interesting life!

  3. What fabulous innocent experiences…

  4. Susan Davidson Dalberg says:

    What a great frosh year!!!

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