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1.81 Larry’s Diary, Sep 1951

1951 • Larry’s diary (age 17)
Sep 1  College of Pacific players came to Sonora for training. Went to Mt. River lodge with Mirks and boys. Bought $15.00 pair of slacks
Sep 2  Missed playing for Lodi band concert in Lodi. Said goodbye to Porter. He’s going to Tahoe for week then back to school
Sep 3  Labor Day. Played in Lodi Moose band for Stockton parade. Rode down with Bob and Jake. Sore throat. Got double time for night shift
Sep 4  Changed shifts around and went to San Jose with Frank Long. He is late now. Am now all alone in bunk house
Sep 5  Took personal tests math-science-English-spelling-history. Slept overnight in board house, met John Fields. Ordered San Jose coat
Sep 6  Figured up stamps have $70.00 in sheets alone. Sonora lost state softball championship by 1 game to San Jose
Sep 7  Had second short change work 24 hrs. out of 40 hrs. Packed some things for school. Tore up old shorts for rags
Sep 8  Annual Moccasin bar-b-que, slept all afternoon. Met Jean Fitzgerald and danced with her most of night and morn at Moccasin and Mt. River Lodge. Home by 2:30 work at 4
Sep 9  Jean and brother took pictures. Sat around at Sagales and talked. Boys fell asleep. Joe Fitz. blew on tuba and family took off for Richmond
Sep 10  Went out to high school and took back horns. Took $75 our of bank. Bought $30 worth of clothes at Wenzels.
Sep 11  Day off. Got all of my things together and packed for school. Typed up list of musical activities all day, 5 pages

Betty and Claudia

Sep 12  Day off. Betty is definitely going to take sousaphone in grammar school. Claudia in both band and orchestra, plays flute
Sep 13  Saw pictures Jean took the other day. Bought the new issue of “Girl Friends”. My picture on front pages and writeup
Sep 14  Checks haven’t come in yet. Porter sent me a letter about Jo White. Dr. Parker filled up upper cavity, throbbed a little tonight
Sep 15  LAST DAY of Powerhouse job. Got off work at 4 A.M. and took off for San Jose. Had to be there by ten tomorrow morning. Rode to Coulterville
Sep 16  Went to Asilomar in Pacific Grove in busses, about 300 or more freshman there for orientation. Square and folk danced. Lots of fun but no sleep for a couple of days.
Sep 17  Up Early. Many talks, yells at tables. Leading man in skit, Lover, placed 2nd. Go to bed late, not many kids and went to dance at nite
Sep 18  Back to San Jose by Greyhound, up at 6. Jumped, yelled, sang, talked. Moved into my room at 101 Manor. Frank moved in also
Sep 19  Frosh dance held. Danced mostly with Gail Governail and met her folks. Big bar-b-que 50 cent beans.
Sep 20  Cashed August check for $118. Paid rest of Sept. rent. Got some books at Spartan shop. Ate dinner at Archies with couple of guys from house
Sep 21  Took Mary Jo Jones to U.S.F. – San Jose football game, they won 39 – 2 in Kezar, 1st game, caught cold.
Sep 22  Took LaVonn Martin to Newman Dance. I drove her ’49 Merc. to Drive-in and then home.
Sep 23  Took LaVonn out to dinner and show in her car. Drive-in, saw double feature, drove around. Cost $5.00 for date. Stayed around school
Sept 24  Had date with Gail for Registration dance but she didn’t go. Bad cold. Joined Newman Club $4.00
Sep 25  Registration day. Am taking Harmony – American History – R.O.T.C – BAND – P.E. – Advanced Brass – Musicianship – Physics (lecture and lab) – English – Piano
Sep 26  Walked Gail to Doc for shots. First day of classes. $10.00 R.O.T.C. deposit – $9.50 tuition fee, stood in line for books a lot
Sep 27  Am in the 1st Platoon, 1st squad, Company B in R.O.T.C. Went to Newman reception. Lots of homework. Enos Bera moved in.
Sep 28  Sonora lost to Sac. Christian Bros. Went on double date with Mary Jo and Delbert and LaVonn at El Rancho. Captain Hornblower.
Sep 29  Played in San Jose State College band for Stanford game, San Jose lost 26-13
Sep 30  Slept till one P.M. Missed church, got some mail. Helped Pat Collins at her house and met her folks and sis

to be continued …

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  1. I’ll bet the girls (and their parents) loved him! And what fun he’s having: “Jumped, yelled, sang, talked”…..yay for Larry!

  2. Hi, Can tell Larry that I really enjoy him and his diary. He was so busy. Always moving forward. I wonder how much those $15.00 slacks would cost today. Thank you for the emails letting me know you posted something new. Have a filling Thanksgiving!

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