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1.71 Larry’s Diary, Feb 1951

1951 • Larry’s diary (age 17)
Feb 1  Got “Imogene” in Brass Choir music, easy piece. Also Tuolumne County Orchestra practice. 2nd square dance held, first time I danced. Jerry Paine my partner
Feb 2  Band played for Pep Rally in gym and for game with Oakdale. They won both games, A game close. Taking baritone, talked to Dunlavy about vacation
Feb 3  Fixed kitchen table, cleaned it with knife, fixed leg, took over 2 hours. Put out Wildcat #9. Have to see Balcom about 5 credits for English
Feb 4  Saw show To Please a Lady, about race cars, midget and other. Bought a pair of Peggers 17″ bottom silver gray pants. Practiced Sax.
Feb 5  Passed out Wildcat #9. Commissioners meeting about going to College of Pacific for meeting. Music club meeting
Feb 6  Fisher asked me to go to Valentine ball with her, O.K. Dwain and Joe fighting. Saw show for G&G Margie. Biggest and last Atomic blast in Nevada.
Feb 7  Went skiing for first time. Broke ski going over bump in hill. Only went down 1st slope. Got to bed at 8 and got up at 8
Feb 8  Brass Choir and Tuolumne County Orchestra practice. Got letter from Conn. No more dealers, no horn. Dad went to Merced for Elks. Got flower plants in store
Feb 9  Real old lady played piano for assembly about 80 yrs. Went to March of Dimes rehearsal. Sorted out cards, tried out school keys
Feb 10  Went to Valentine Ball with Audrey Fisher. Had a good time. Too close. Her parents drove. Formal. Dad told me we may sell store soon

Feb 11  Went to Strawberry with Don G. Snowing, helped put on chains in snow. Saw add for store for sale in San Francisco Examiner
Feb 12  No school. Answered letter and telegram in connection with selling the store. Got all adds for Wildcat. Sextette music at Tuolumne County Band
Feb 13  A’s beat Tuolumne 2nd time. 48-30. B’s lost 2nd time. No band. First tryouts for Senior play. Brought Soprano Sax back.
Feb 14  Saw show King Solomon’s Mines at Upper. Sold out 4 nights n a row.Got Valenitne from Judy C. No horn
Feb 15  Saw dress rehearsal of “March of Dimes” show. Told Hagemeyer about store. Dad asked me about taking over in summer. FFA assembly
Feb 16  Pep band played “Goofus” for 2nd time for Tracy game. They won both. Holdenhousen tied shoelaces. Rode over to Tuolumne and back.
Feb 17  Went to Stockton with Don H. Up at six back at 8. Met girls, New York steak
Feb 18  Went to 10 o’clock mass. Cleaned off ceiling of store and started putting our easter cards.
Feb 19  Wildcat Whirlers had 1st night meeting in study hall. I had Fleming. Passed out Wildcats. Hagemeyer sick.
Feb 20  Played baseball in P.E. 1st time in 1st period. Cold. Got 44 out of 47 in U.S. History test. A- grade. Read San Jose State Bulletin. Fisher telling girls I’m going steady.
Feb 21  Played solo for Washington Tea, “When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba”. Missed out on ski trip tomorrow because of McGrath. Fisher gave me note asking me to Fireman’s Ball. No.
Feb 22  Hagemeyer called me up about solos and Tuolumne County Orchestra. Saw show The Happy Years Dean Stockwell. Slept late
Feb 23  Laurence and Marion came and visited, slept in my bed, Marion pregnant. No school. A’s lost, B’s won at Ceres. No band.
Feb 24  Fireman’s Ball held tonight, didn’t go though had offer. Helped clean up house for party here tonight and shower tomorrow.
Feb 25  Carleen gave wedding shower for Bev Church and Larry Senger. Saw Toast of New Orleans Mario Lanza. $5 more stolen out of my room
Feb 26  Went to Community Concert with Joe D. and Dwain M. Saw violinist Roberta Popoloffo, signed program. Commissioner meeting about jury and 7ths. No play pratice but music club jazz
Feb 27  Saw show Born Yesterday. Robbie and Purser getting married. Lavonne and Ray G. at show together. Noah Van Hook joined army
Feb 28  Went to church. Went to choir practice 1st time. Played solo at Columbia for P.T.A. “Yuba” musician in assembly

to be continued…

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  1. Susan Davidson Dalberg says:

    Larry doesn’t express feelings about store selling. Looks like Dad kind of left him to manage and to handle sale? Trouble with Dad at this point? I couldn’t begin to tell you who I dated in HS–good job with the diary, Larry!!

    • This was about the time my dad was starting to struggle: with the store, money, Mom, everything. I think Larry was a typical boy and did not share his feelings at that time. Heck, nobody in my family shared their feelings except my mother and Carleen, and that’s coming up. Difference between boys and girls, in my family anyway.

  2. Marian Clemens says:

    I’m laughing about the girl friends, too. I only heard about Barbara Miles and actually another one in college before I met him. He is an amazing man and husband, father and grandfather, and has very broad shoulders. We’ve had 61 years of marriage. Really special! Marian

  3. Barbara Jacobsen says:

    He seems pretty clear about his preferences for girls. Hope he married a good one!
    And yes, he had a lot to deal with in his young life, between work, studies, band, family stuff, and learning to socialize….what a guy!

  4. Donna Byerrum says:

    Larry had so much on his young shoulders. I admire him.

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