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1.70 Larry’s Diary, Jan 1951

1951 • Larry’s diary (age 16)
Jan 1  Michigan beat Calif by 14-6 in Rose Bowl. Went to last mass. Finished inventory except records. Got to bed early for a change
Jan 2  Went to Alan C. house and we went over our stamps. Got Valentine, Graduation, and Easter cards in. Talked to dad about Music and Business
Jan 3  Nellie is sick in San Francisco, something about her eyes. Opened up store at 9:00 and closed at 6:30 counting records. Dad talked about selling out all music and records
Jan 4  Sent in for Jap. money for occupation. Saw Doc McGillis. Got horn from school and transposed “The Thing” and “Tzena, Tzena” 
Jan 5  Ordered stamp saying “Property of Lawrence Clemens” fixed and arranged “Goofus” for HSB, memorized “The Thing”. Mom sick
Jan 6  Got adds for Wildcat, 20 some inches before school even starts. Bed fell apart at one side. Took side off and am sleeping-sheet-mattress-springs-floor
Jan 7  Saw show Secret Suspect, very suspenseful and good. Store was open only for a few hrs. Peg Deaton got married in Reno in morning. Got ready to go back to school.
Jan 8  Back to school. Handed “Goofus” to band. Bruce Loving joined service last week. 1st time in many months I do not bring my bass
Jan 9  Bought tennis shoes, jock, socks. Game with Bret Harte here, we won both A’s 52-32 and B’s 34-33, B game thriller. Ordered and broke a baton

Larry year book baby pic

Jan 10  Saw list of performances for Modesto Talent Day. Only 2 basses in whole thing, Turlock and me. Missed out on Ski Club trip. Picked baby picture for yearbook
Jan 11  Had B.C. practice, ski trip called off.
Jan 12  Pep band played 1st time for Manteca game, A’s lost, thrilling, close all the way, B’s won. Got rubber stamp with name. Rode around with Don G
Jan 13  Dad borrowed keys and coat, forgot about keys, closed up store about 10 o’clock. Putting out Valentine cards
Jan 14  (age 17) (17th birthday) Got $5.00 as present under plate. Had to wait for 10:00 o’clock mass to let out before going to 11:00. Financial report read
Jan 15  Someone stole new pair of tennis shoes, went through some lockers. Assembly about Hiway safety movie. Tuolumne County Band practice
Jan 16  Lost A and B game to Tracy, B’s by 1 point
Jan 17  Modesto talent show. Played tuba first timing also in Brass Choir. Ate with Oakdale gals. Rode back with Max. Don G. gave tour. Negro sang “Summertime” Bass solo. Don H. first solo.
Jan 18  Stayed home from school, slept late. Fixed bed and cleaned up room. Played canasta with kids. Missed Tuolumne County Orchestra, found pen
Jan 19  Whole band played for pep assembly and pep band played for Ceres game. No more basses being made
Jan 20  All of the Valentine cards are out now. Got Jap money from Tathems and am sending in $10 order. Wildcat put out. All kinds of room in it.
Jan 21  Transposed music for the “Roving Kind”. Saw show Mr. Music Crosby, rotten show. Lots of ski birds up. Store open short time
Jan 22  Brought horn of Tuolumne County Band but called off so shined it. Passed Wildcat out.
Jan 23  Sent telegram to Conn $1.56 asking about horn, went thru lockers looking for shoes. Played in band and during 7th with beginning band 
Jan 24  Got Russian propganda sheet at library also books Mark Twain and Russia. Given part as understudy of Jay Bono in act.
Jan 25  Tuba solo for P.T.A. pictures, Sonora Memorial for Green and Gold, Commissioners, Brass Choir, Band, Orchestra, Soloist, Glee Club, suit and sport clothes.
Jan 26  Played solo for assembly for March of Dimes
Jan 27  Saw show Harvey with Curnow. Had to sit way down in front. Sent letter to Conn. air mail. Got adds for G&G
Jan 28  Went to Dodge Ridge and Mile Hi for first time with whole family. Went thru lodge
Jan 29  Starting to learn more instruments, playing alto saxophone, also string bass. Tuolumne County Band practice, went to Max house for key
Jan 30  Played “Yuba” solo for Sonora Elementary School Music Federation. Had picture taken for Wildcat sitting down and Music club
Jan 31  Another March of Dimes assembly. McGrath gave me an incomplete for P.E. Got A+ in band, A in Theory, C+ in Senior Problems and in history

Sonora High School Soloists: Seated—L. Clemens (with tuba), D. Hamilton, P. Conwell, J. Hockabout, D. Jacobsen, D. McDonald, J. Drabkin. Standing—B. Woodford, E. Miller, L. Waters, F. Miller, A. Purser, B. Pieraccini

to be continued…

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  1. Jim Chatfield says:

    Larry was quite the young man. Sure must have had a lot of energy

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