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1.65 Larry’s Diary, Aug 1950

Aunt Ina w/Aunt Nella May

1950 • Larry’s diary (age 16)
Aug 1  Went to Redwood City with mom, stayed overnight at Day’s. Mom drove mostly.
Aug 2  Ordered pin at Sherman Clay and got solo in Oakland. Met my aunt Nella May in Sears. Got Ukes and trumpet records. Got fruit.
Aug 3  Forgot picking up Decca records yesterday. Got pennant saying “Clam Beach, Calif.” Sold electric guitar
Aug 4  Took Bonnie to show for the last time. She’s moving next week. Met her grandmother and brother. She’s moving to Vallejo and still sick
Aug 5  Sorting out Victor Wheel deck cards to get them numerically. Called up Allen first time in long time. Mom wants me to get bass.
Aug 6  Saw show The Third Man with Nick and Allen. Went to Drive Inn and Europa after. Carlson followed Don G. home. Donut shop reopened
Aug 7  Went to T.C.B. and B.C. practice second time. Went to Drive Inn Lunchette and the Europa. Got French fries each place
Aug 8  Saw Barricade at Upper with L. Sanger. Gave Bonnie my picture and boxes for packing. Am getting new neighbors
Aug 9  Took ring to Blisses to be cleaned. Worked in back yard. Sold Bonnie’s mother earrings. Put new strap on watch
Aug 10  Took horn to store and practiced “Yuba on the Tuba” and “Old Lang Syne”. Got ring back from Blisses uncleaned.
Aug 11  Went to Bonnie’s house. Talked with her and her mom. Dog bit me as I walked in. Bonnie wearing sweater and cut off jeans
Aug 12  Got new Levis and nylon socks. Went to Bonnie’s house but they were at Longbarn. Cleaned up sleeping bag and room.
Aug 13  Bonnie moved to Vallejo. Phoned me up this morn. I didn’t come to store. Saw Young Man With a Horn.
Aug 14  Went to T.C.S. No B.C. only bass there, Don is quitting his job at Penneys tomorrow. Went to Drive Inn with George, Don, Chuck, Juanita and Duane
Aug 15  Saw show Outsiders with Jay and Larry. Galen, Senger and I drove down to Stockton after show. Got home at 6 A.M. got to bed 8:30 – 1:30

Cathy, age 2

Aug 16  Missed driving into ditch. Saw show Captain Cary U.S.A. Got in at midnight, 3 hrs sleep. Cathy’s birthday, two year party.
Aug 17  Went down to Stockton with dad to attend Seller’s Toy Shop. Bought lots of toys to sell for Christmas season. Got gold pin from Sherman Clay. Phoned Bev up.
Aug 18  Drove Bruce Loving’s car for short distance. Ran out of control stickers. Saw broken windows and mud splattered walls at SUHS
Aug 19  Saw Horace Heidt Show at Stockton in Community Concert Series, very good. Saw Destination Moon after. Dick M., Don G., George H., Duane J., and I home at 4
Aug 20  The T.C.B. and the B.C. played at the Elks picnic. Girl baritone. Big fires burning at Copperopolis and Melones.

Carleen, age 15

Aug 21  Carleen got back from a 2 week vacation and Nellie from her 3 week vacation. T.C.B. and B.C. practice. Shined tubing on horn, put tape on waste key
Aug 22  Got letter from Bonnie from Vallejo. Practiced horn till 11:30. Got haircut. Typed up all orders on cards.
Aug 23  Mom, Dad and I saw movie The Big Lift. Nellie sick. So is Alan. Mom and Dad feeling low. Movie people are up.
Aug 24  Wrote letter to Bonnie. Sport shirt with swimmers tore in 3 places. Phil Johnson arrested for libel.
Aug 25  Worked at store till midnight when fluorescent lights went out. Dad came after me at 11:30. Saw show I Was a Shoplifter
Aug 26  Noah Berry Jr. came in store and bought locket set. He is in Sonora filming Texas Ranger. Korea War 2 months old. Mom and girls went camping at Pinecrest
Aug 27  Am getting to bed earlier every night. Wrote Bonnie a letter. Saw show Quicksand Mickey Rooney and Peter Lorre
Aug 28  Went to T.C.B. and show after. Saw Broken Arrow. Carleen got letter returned from South Africa. Got ring back from Blisses again uncleaned
Aug 29  Don Grant took me to Pinecrest and we roamed around for an hour. Had a blowout on the way up. Helped Don fix it. Saw Dr. McGillis
Aug 30  Ordered band sweater at Baers. Got Wildcat head. Used medicine on face. Memorized “Under Double Eagle” in party
Aug 31  Went to opening day at State Fair in Sacramento. Governors lunch, got picture sketched, stamp and coin stuff, pennants, bands, fireworks and show

to be continued…

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  1. Barbara Jacobsen says:

    Whatever happened with your bro and Bonnie?

  2. Jim Chatfield says:

    Larry was BD party busy boy. I noticed the mention of your 2 year. That means you were born in 1948, the year I graduated from High School and started college.

  3. Bonnie Brantley says:

    Catherine, it is amazing how these little bits of history of someone I don’t even know can be so interesting. So kind of you to share!

  4. Susan Davidson Dalberg says:

    Love how simple and respectful he speaks about girlfriend!!!

  5. Marian Clemens says:

    Catherine, you had a two year old birthday party (8/16) in this entry. Why didn’t you insert a two year old Cathy photo?

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