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1.57 Larry’s Diary, Nov 1949

1949 • Larry’s diary (age 15)
Nov 1  Saw show Every Girl Should be Married. Washed Mode O’ Day windows for $1.50 worked from 7 to 9:15 in evening. Washed Schultz
Nov 2  Washed Dr. Parker’s windows, appointment made long time ago. Side of tennis shoe comletely gave out
Nov 3  Had T.C.O. (Tuolumne County Orchestra) practice Dick Miller, won an Opportunity Time. Dawn bread new sponsor. Dad went to S.F. alone
Nov 4  Game with Manteca they won 44-0. B’s tied 0-0. Had big pep rally in football bleachers. Band marched for both games and rally between the games
Nov 5  Quit Del Ray Coffee Shop washing windows. Got new job at Lodes O’ Gold. Got books out, 50 different Zane Grey. Mom and Dad went to Modesto to eat.
Nov 6  Saw Bing Crosby in Top of the Morning. Took walk in Oliver Addition on old paper route. Mom is sick in bed. Rained first time since August
Nov 7  Went to T.C.B. (Tuolumne County Band) Set date for Christmas party Dec 17. Forgot German Band and went to Miss Smelser for back work, shined horn
Nov 8  Fingernail came all the way off. Bought pair of tennis shoes on sale for $1.88. Assembly on driveway. Very close recall election
Nov 9  German Band played at the play Candlelight given by State players. Band played in uniform for assembly. Rain flooded sidewalk

Junior year, German Band brass choir, Mr. Max Hagemeyer bandleader; Larry playing sousaphone

Nov 10  Mom and sisters went to Yuba City to visit relatives. Dad and I stayed in Sonora to work. Got Christmas cards out. No school today. Got 45s at store
Nov 11  Oakdale won 41-0. Their band won 1st prize
Nov 12 Saw show Set-Up about fights with Alan Curnow and Ray Ghiorso. Ate Chow Mein with dad. Had first radio show at store
Nov 13  Mom and kids got back from Yuba City. German band played for Lion’s Club convention. Got free dinner
Nov 14  Elks pep band played for K of C, got free dinner. First day of basketball practice for the B’s. Left horn home
Nov 15  Didn’t make B team but practiced anyway. Took horn back to school. Jim Clark flunked chemistry
Nov 16  Sick and had to stay home from school. Had to stay in bed all day. Ate nothing but eggnog and orange juice
Nov 17  Still sick. Stayed in bed. Missed T.C.O. (Tuolumne County Orchestra) practice
Nov 18  Missed third day of school. Ken Richardson came around and picked up ads and money for Wildcat. My former boss, Otto Mouron, died at age 70 of heart attack
Nov 19  4th day that I’m sick. Stayed home and heard second radio broadcast from store. Took bath, shaved
Nov 20  Missed church but finally got up. Otto Mouron had funeral. Made up chart of band things that I have played in
Nov 21  Saw show I Was a Male War Bride. Got report card, mostly S’s. Wildcat came out (No. 4) late again.
Nov 22  Got excused early and saw Hamlet, very good with Laurence Olivier. Cost 75 cents. It was a Broadway Engagement at Uptown Theater
Nov 23  Went to big band dance stag with Alan Curnow and Mick Hamilton. Had assembly about Thanksgiving with skit. Went to KROG
Nov 24  Store stayed closed this year first time for Thanksgiving. Won my first game of pool. Went to KROG
Nov 25  Went out to KROG. Lost 2nd and 3rd games of pool to Alan and Mick. Skip requested song for Carleen over KROG. Stayed in bed till noon
Nov 26  Had third program at store for KROG. Went with Alan to Drive Inn and met new man at station
Nov 27  Saw City Across the River with Bruce Loving. Wrote in on all coupons for dictionaries (envelopes too)
Nov 28  Went to T.C.B. (Tuolumne County Band) Got Mrs. Peterson to open band room to get horn. Mrs. Balcom read my story about Business Manager. Washed gym clothes
Nov 29  Had movies about Mexico, Guatemala, and Hawaii in assembly. Saw show Pinky about light negro. Got socks COD
Nov 30  Missed school and went to SF with Dad. Foggy all the way down and back. Got up at 4, left at 5, got back at 10. Got radio back from Carleen

to be continued…

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Note: Otto Julius Mouron (1879 – 1949) was a pharmacist in Sonora and had a drug store there for many years. He was the son of Julius Mouron, a physician, and Anna Brown—who is credited with being the first woman pharmacist in California. He grew up in Sonora, went to San Jose State College for his bachelor’s degree, then attended the Berkeley Pharmacy School to become a pharmacist. He ran the Mouron Drug Store in Sonora (which he had operated with his mother and took over after her death in 1926) until his death on Nov. 18, 1949. Mr. Mouron was also in charge of hiring all the local newspaper boys. He’d meet them every morning 6:00 A.M. behind his drugstore and about fifteen boys would show up to gather the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner for their routes. On Sundays the boys had to go back two or thee times as the papers were too heavy. What made the boys the happiest was when they got tips from the customers at Christmas time.

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  1. Janet Sasaki says:

    Interesting that when he was ill, he drank eggnog. That is what we drank too in the late ’40’s.

  2. Larry and the sousaphone remind me of my time while in 8th grade playing the tuba in our Knightsen Grammar School band in 1950! Our tiny school even had graduation plays.

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