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1.56 Larry’s Diary, Oct 1949

1949 • Larry’s diary (age 15)
Oct 1 I was guest radio announcer at KROG radio for 45 minutes on Teen Time. KROG often broadcasts from store for advertising for store. T.C.B. (Tuolumne County Band) marched for Elks, had to use tin base.
Oct 2  Printed 600 Wildcat and folded them. Moved small toys around where fishing equipment was. Fiesta at church.
Oct 3  Saw show It Happen Every Spring about crazy baseball. Was late for band practice and Mr. Pressey quit band. Handed out first Wildcat papers.
Oct 4  Saw show The Champion. Got book for Wildcat, Mr. Dunlavy and Miss Parly had big argument over it. Stenciled gym.
Oct 5  Yankees won first World Series game from Brooklyn Dodger 1-0. Had Freshman initiation on stage. Freshman got soaked and had good time.
Oct 6  The Tuolumne County Orchestra reformed and I joined music for String Bass. Brooklyn won from New York 1-0. First chemistry test
Oct 7  A’s lost and B’s won in first U.O. game with Livingston. Band played and formed formations “Hi” and “L“. Went to unofficial dance after game.
Oct 8  Saw show Pride of Yankees about Lou Gehrig. Yankees won World Series from Brooklyn 3 games to 1.
Oct 9  Saw show Roseanna McCoy at Upper. Whole front of showhouse changed to look like old cabin. Show was filmed in Sonora.
Oct 10  Mr. Pressey made big talk and quit band. Roy Curudio took over and directed a few pieces, played tin horn and bass drum a little.
Oct 11  Sold $20 in ads for school paper (50 inches of ads)
Oct 12  Finally got coat back from game last Friday. Pat Mickley’s sister had it on. Mopped floor and cleaned up
Oct 13  Went to T.C.O. (Tuolumne County Orchestra) practice for second time.
Oct 14  First time I heard local football game over KROG. Calaveras won 13-6. Played new book of Sousa marches after school in Pep band.

Jim Day, high school grad

Oct 15  The Days paid us a surprise visit, whole family came. Jim slept with me. He’s a sophomore at San Jose State College, math. He is 4 years older than me
Oct 16  At Banner office until 1 A.M. printing Wildcat #2. saw show Mighty Joe Young. Days left. Sat with Jim Stark in church.
Oct 17  Cerudo lead band played some German Band music The Hungry Five both at school and T.C.B. (Tuolumne County Band). Got measured for class rings, passed out Wildcat.
Oct 18  Had written typing test and test in Business Law. Man at school telling how to sell subscriptions. Seniors had pictures taken. Moved oil drum.
Oct 19  Got two big dictionaries in the mail. Got new pair of green striped pajamas. Got out of 5th period for practice for German band
Oct 20  Had orchestra and German Band practice. Had Junior class meeting about rings. I cashed in War bond and paid for ring in fall $19.75
Oct 21 Went on bus to Tracy for game. Band formed “T” and “S“. Tracy had big band. They won game. Got to bed past 3 A.M. Had pep assembly at school.
Oct 22  Dr. Parker took off some of false tooth. Had to break off lock because key was left in my room. Saw show Fighting Men of the Plains.
Oct 23  Young priest at church announced he was going away. Bruce Loving wants to buy guitar but almost sold it to another person, turned out O.K.
Oct 24  Had first big rehearsal of Laugh Review. Got uniforms for German Band, red and black. Had T.C.B. (Tuolumne County Band) practice. Got all 3 letters in typing
Oct 25  German Band gave 1st performance at Laugh Review. Missed joke line, had makeups. Went to KROG and Dick Roach gave show a plug at Drive Inn
Oct 26  Gave second and last performance at laugh show, many pictures taken by Pitts. Ate at Europa. Drive Inn closed. Baileys closed up till sold.
Oct 27  Had Junior pictures taken by Pitts I think I had eyes closed both times. Went to T.C.O. (Tuolumne County Orchestra) practice. Got coat from cleaners, army oat
Oct 28  Band formed “C‘ and “S‘ for Ceres football game. They won. Had pictures taken for Wildcat staff yearbook. Pep rally in gym
Oct 29  Got Magnavox player at store. Made new cards and numbers for R.C.A. display racks. Roberta came overnight with kids.
Oct 30  Printed 3rd issue of Wildcat with 4 pictures in it. Went to show and saw Dan Daily in a musical
Oct 31  Band marched for Halloween kiddie parade. Claudia won a prize. Went to T.C.B. (Tuolumne County Band) for half hour. Soaped some windows. Handed out Wildcats late

to be continued …

Aunt Verda, Uncle George, Jimmy and Judy Day circa 1949

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  1. Susan Davidson Dalberg says:

    Wonder why the German songs and the German band numbers so soon after the war? Larry ever mention that?

  2. Ditto! This photo of the little group on the couch is very touching.

  3. Jim Chatfield says:

    He has more get-up and go than anyone I knew at that age.

  4. Hard working Larry. One has to admire him, doing odd jobs to buy the things he wants and helping out in the store without complaint. I like him.

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