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1.48 Larry’s Diary, May 1949

May 1949 • Larry’s diary (age 15)
May 1  Days went back to Redwood City. Took bath. Dad owes about $10,000 in bills has to pay bank $1000 tomorrow, only has $800
May 2  Grammer Schools of county came to the High School for play day. Saw show Three Godfathers. Took bath again.
May 3  Went swimming first time this year. Trying out for swimming team. Bought sheet of Puerto Rico stamps.
May 4  Went to doctor for pimples, Ray Harden got burned with hot lead at the Democrat office. Packed stamps in 1,000 packages.
May 5  Went to highway office and got drivers pamphlet. Drove out to Sullivans Drive-in with mom. Got medicine for pimples.
May 6  Had shortened periods for game at Oakdale, I didn’t go. 1 – 4 had party, English, got some cake
May 7  Sold many Mother‘s day cards, stayed open till 9 oclock. Had chow mein for supper. Am putting on white medicine.

Mom and Grandma Chatfield

May 8  Sunday: Mother’s Day, rained a little and had a rainbow. Mom went to Chico to visit Grandma.
May 9  Got stamps from Jamestown bought $5.10. Jim got a ’49 Jeepster, yellow. Finished tying exercises.
May 10  Eighth graders had tests at High School all but Sonora. I gave 25 cents to legless man, washed out horn.
May 11  Jim drove Dup and me to drive-in for lunch and out to Phoenix. Learned hangmans knot. Set clock wrong and got up too early.
May 12  Had bad nosebleed and could not march because of it. Dup and Robie had spat but we all went to drive-in. Had party at Spanish.
May 13  Students running for Student Body offices gave speeches at assembly. Band played in grandstands because of puppet show.
May 14  Had big thunderstorm, electricity went out for a few minutes, bought new lock for door because old one could be opened too easy.
May 15  Saw show Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Native Sons of the Golden West to arrive for Grand Parlor
May 16  N.S.G.W. started convention in S.V.H.S. gym, Skipy Grant, once bass player, joined army, Ima got back from pack trip.
May 17  Broke water-leter (fishing line) out on Bass, practiced marching. Was first in cafeteria two days in a row. Got sheet of Alexandria 6 cent air.
May 18  Played at dedication of building at Fairgrounds and at 49er parade. Saw movies of Rose Bowl game. Saw show 3 Little Girls in Blue.
May 19  Last day of N.S.G.W. convention or Grand Parlor. Band had a party and discussed awards. Reading Ivanhoe again.
May 20  Fernandez’s brother got tent for camporee, he will pay me next week. Junior-Senior Prom held tonight. I didn’t go.
May 21  Saw show Little Women then took walk up towards Don Hamilton’s house. Not eating any sweets.
May 22  Went to the Tuolumne County Band Practice for the first time, five basses where there. Got pennants with Sonora on them.
May 23  Went to Sophomore picknic at Phoenix Lake, swam, played baseball, and ate. Jim hid clothes and I lost some things.
May 24  Made up two 7ths with Lutz, corrected some papers. Went to May devotions and confession. Used different typewriter in class.
May 25  Went to church at 7 a.m. Went to dentist and jaw is swollen from filling. Had awards assembly. Women had tea at school.
May 26  Band led junior Rodeo parade. Got Annapolis first day cover. First day of fair. Senior ditch day.
May 27  Had big Rodeo parade. Band went thru town twice. 2nd time down to fair. Went to rodeo and saw championship burro races, tonight saw horse show, etc. a lot paid $60
May 28  Somebody broke into the store but didn’t get anything, second time in 3 days. Dad raced a burro, placed 4th
May 29  Memorial Day; band played at fair. Walked home with Galen.
May 30  First day of band practice for pageant, wrote book report. Bob Carlson got burned last night with gasoline at Hell drive.
May 31  Had awards assembly. Adel Collings got Gibbons Trophy, W. Castle got athletic, Dacker for girls athletic. Sportsman got new sign.

Sportsman next to Dad’s store

to be continued…

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  1. What happened to your dad and the debt?

  2. Jim Chatfield says:

    He is a very busy young man and he documents everything.

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