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1.46 Larry’s Diary, March 1949

March 1949 • Larry’s diary (age 15)
Mar 1 – 8  no entries in diary
Mar 9  Joe Drabkin won Lion’s club speaking contest.
Mar 10  no entry in diary
Mar 11  Second night of East Lynn, I went tonight and sat about in the middle of the auditorium with some boys.
Mar 12  no entry in diary

Carleen, mushrooming

Mar 13  Sunday: Carleen (age 14) had a birthday party with the whole class at the youth center, had hot dogs and danced to records from the store
Mar 14 – 20  no entries in diary
Mar 21  Miss Lutz wouldn’t let us back to English so Jim and I went to canteen and got a slip from Mr. Dawson
Mar 22 A baritone sung in assembly. Boys tried to clip off hair with clippers at school. Rented out store downstairs for storage space
Mar 23  Dentist was going to take tooth out but mom didn’t want it. Track meet at Oakdale canceled. Academy awards given out. Picture of Band in paper.
Mar 24  Went to the Sophomore dance, Stardust, danced mostly with Barbara and Phyllis. Won baseball game with Tuolumne school.
Mar 25  Claudia (age 7) had a birthday party at the youth center but I didn’t go to it. Have got the whole weekend radio log on the wall
Mar 26  Had my first driving lesson. I drove the car but not over 20 miles per hour. Went out past slaughterhouse.
Mar 27  Went to Oakdale for track meet but did not place in 880. Very windy there. Got stamps from Jamestown Stamp Co. and got $7.61 worth
Mar 28  Went to the show and saw A Night at the Opera with 3 Marx Brothers and San Francisco which showed earthquake
Mar 29  The band gave a matinee today for High School and Grade school students. We are giving the concerts to raise money in order to get new uniforms
Mar 30  no entry in diary
Mar 31  Gave concert tonight, auditorium was almost full. Late for typing so I got a seventh which I made up with Lutz.

to be continued…

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  1. Something is different in his posts and in the pattern of them now. You have mentioned a changing of the tide forthcoming in his life. Don’t know that I want to know, but I know that I will find out soon, and knowing that the ups and downs are how life goes for all of us.

  2. Did he collect stamps all of his life?

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