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1.41 Larry’s Diary, Dec 1947

1947 • Larry’s diary (age 13)
Dec 1  Bought Daisy air pistol. It is 117 caliber and shoots small sized BB’s. Bought some stamps among them a block of some airmail
Dec 2  Was sick today and missed a day of school. I may have the flu mom has just gotten well from. Rained today.
Dec 3  The Freshman played the Grammar school and won by a score of 12 – 0. I was on the freshman first string but was absent.
Dec 4  Passed more first class requirements for first class. I have only two more to pass, first aid and Semafore.
Dec 5  Dreams of Death, a high school play was shown today in assembly, we missed 6th period P.E. class. Rained today
Dec 6  Worked all day at the store putting together wagons and other metal toys. Received $1.50 for selling tickets to dance
Dec 7  Sunday: Took everything out of my room and really cleaned it up. Went to church at Jamestown, no Sunday school
Dec 8  Have gotten all pieces of my bookcase ready and set out; the notches or grooves are not the right size so will make bigger.
Dec 9  All the pieces of the bookcase fit now. I will have to glue them together. Bought Pacific Pathways for the month of October
Dec 10  Gave a report on in English on Robert Louis Stevenson biography. I got A+ on report which I had typed
Dec 11 Went to scout meeting with an expert on rope splicing who showed us how to splice. Got Boys’ Life.
Dec 12  Got out of algebra to attend assembly on interesting slide show about Egypt and her peoples.
Dec 13  Civilization was the top song on the Hit Parade tonight, went to a music concert where they played Polonaise in A Flat.
Dec 14  Sunday: Went to church in Columbia with Moras and Alma who are visiting us over the weekend. France getting rid of communists.
Dec 15  Glued my bookcase together today but left top off because piece broke off and I did not have enough clamps.
Dec 16  Got some notes that were being passed around the room (whew). Had to translate the writing which was hard to read
Dec 17  Got new English books today (grammar). Have started long division in Algebra. Got letter that has the marriage seal of England
Dec 18  Went to scout meeting and received a Boy Scout calendar for 1948. Gave Barbara her pictured calendar.
Dec 19  Had Christmas assembly and got out of school early. Last day before vacation.
Dec 20  Did my Christmas shopping today, got boxes of candy for mom and Miss Hoe, got a car mirror for dad.
Dec 21  Sunday: Went to the Catholic Christmas party and received a bottle of hair tonic and an orange and nuts and candy.
Dec 22  Viola cleaned up my room, this is the first time that I have not cleaned up my room. It was a happy day.
Dec 22  Went to a joint Boy Scout party of Troops 62 and 65. I received as a gift a pocket book, 30 Seconds over Tokyo.
Dec 24  Xmas eve brought me a wastebasket, pajamas, pen, shirt, books, and a sheet of the Florida Everglades stamps
Dec 25  Had a big Christmas dinner and stayed in nearly all day long. Went to church this morning and wore my new shirt
Dec 26  Worked all day at the store. I went to the show and saw the movieThe Red Stallion, a good horse story
Dec 27  Took inventory downstairs today and fixed the paper bags in order.
Dec 28  Sunday: Went to Redwood City and stayed at Day’s house. Mom and Dad had to go down San Francisco to get some records for the store.
Dec 29  Went to Palo Alto and got U.S. Album and some work books to put my mint stamps in. I also got first day covers for Everglade stamps.
Dec 30  Came back home and went through San Francisco and over Bay Bridge with mom and dad. Got stamps from the Jamestown Stamp Co.
Dec 31  Took inventory at the store and helped finish it up. Stayed home in bed tonight but I stayed up until 2.
MEMORANDA: End of year; many things happened this year, some of them were the buying of the “Tibbits” store now “Clemens'” and also I graduated

to be continued …

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  1. I can hardly conceive of all the events that occurred each and every day in this young man’s life. I’m wondering why nothing much seems to happen now from day to day. Catherine, do you have any thoughts or insights in regards to this apparent phenomenon?

  2. A hard working kid. So responsible

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