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1.40 Larry’s Diary, Nov 1947

1947 • Larry’s diary (age 13)
Nov 1  Was very busy washing windows today. All windows in town were washed and cleaned before noon hour.
Nov 2  Sunday: Raked up half of the leaves in the front yard and also mowed lawn. Tore down grape arbor in back yard
Nov 3  Had three Russian entertainers in assembly today. They had two puppet shows and sang and danced in Russian (2 men, 1 woman)
Nov 4  Finished up my blocks of joints in woodwork; also finished up my tie-rack except for 1 coat more of varnish
Nov 5  We finished Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice today at last. We had another test on it again today.
Nov 6  Bob Gorman our scout-master moving to Stockton. He is well liked and we will miss him
Nov 7  We all chipped in and bought Bob a going away gift. We got an electric alarm clock for him. I gave him a dollar.
Nov 8  Had a patrol meeting but nobody showed up. Bought a book My Friend the Dog by Albert P. Terhune
Nov 9  Sunday: Raked up the leaves in the front yard and threw them back into the back yard, finished up my little jet racer
Nov 10  An eclipse of the sun was today during woodwork class; I viewed (for about 10 min.) It was not a total eclipse (1/4)
Nov 11  No school! but had to work all day cleaning up the front and back yard. We burned the remains of the arbor.
Nov 12  Had a big test in Spanish which I didn’t do very good also had a test in woodwork about tools
Nov 13  Bob is moving back to Sonora, I am very happy to put down. We had a meeting tonight and had a new boy there
Nov 14  Cleaned up and arranged room another way. It has a place for bookcase that is not yet made at school.
Nov 15  Sold tickets for the dance. Had a patrol meeting at Joe’s house, played some games and had refreshments
Nov 16  Sunday: Arranged all of my camping goods (tent, sleeping bag, etc.) although I an not going anywhere. Measured off parts of bookcase for woodwork.
Nov 17  Got a letter and other stamp information from the Jamestown Stamp Company N.Y., D. McDonald sent in my name to them.
Nov 18  Am going to take an instrument (bass) at school. A notice expressed a need for a bass player and I applied to Mr. Whisser

Barbara and Larry

Nov 19  I received the pictures that I took at graduation last June of Barbara and me. Three pictures turned out. They were Barbara alone and with me and me alone
Nov 20  Had a scout meeting and discussed a hike at Nov 29, 47. We also discussed the selling of tickets for a dance. Am practicing bass at school.
Nov 21  The last game of season of the football season was today. The Sonora As won (at last). Went to dance at 8 oclock
Nov 22  Sold more tickets to the dance making a total of 9 sold. Bought Buff: A Collie by Albert Payson Terhune. Heard Hit Parade.
Nov 23 Sunday: Got report cards earlier this week but forgot to put it down. I got an A in Algebra and PE. and S in all subjects.
Nov 24  Got out of school at 1:15 today because of the teachers institute which was being held today. Saw Carleen stark naked (by accident) HA HA
Nov 25  Am selling tickets for dance still and have a total of 21 but Joe has 22 and wins first prize and I win second
Nov 26  Gor my calendars from the film company in Stockton. I got four calendars and two different pictures. Last day of school for Thanksgiving

Uncle Gordon Chatfield

Uncle Gordon Chatfield

Nov 27  Thanksgiving and no Scout meeting was held. My Uncle Gordon is staying here over the weekend and he cannot do much. He was disabled from a war injury, fell out of a truck. I am named after him
Nov 28  Dad got some unused stamps from someone who works at Burn’s and gave them to me for my collection
Nov 29  Went to Columbia on a hike and passed some first class requirements (cooking, nature study). Eight boys and Mr. Gorman went.
Nov 30  Sunday: Had to go to Sunday school (ugh). I am the oldest one there and the only one in high school

to be continued …

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  1. Oh my gosh! I don’t want to hear about any turn for the worse down the road! I, too, am in complete wonder and admiration of there being something very significant and special happening in each and every day of this young man’s life. As juxtaposed with my own.

    • Then there will be only one more chapter for a while that you’ll like. All good stories take a turn. Then it gets better. Then worse. Then worser, as small children would say. Then better again. It happens, and then at the end of the day, like all stories, we try to make some sense of it.

  2. Susan Davidson Dalberg says:

    So glad these are available to us. Yes, Linda. Times were more simple and more wholesome….for some!

  3. Still enjoying them! Who was Barbara?

  4. Edna M. Bowcutt says:

    I find it so interesting that your brother is so busy everyday and the 13 year olds now days are “bored” and don’t know what to do. Not too much self reliance with some children now. Times were so simple. Work, go for a walk, read, work around the house, clubs, dances. The same thing kids could do now. Yet they say they are bored. Humph. There is always something to do.

  5. Jim Chatfield says:

    He kept a good diary.

  6. So enjoying the diary entries. Life just seemed more simple and wholesome.

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