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1.38 Larry’s Diary, Oct 1947

1947 • Larry’s diary (age 13)
Oct 1  Went to Mrs. Rossoci’s house to see her about some stamps but she was busy and I will come up to her house again in the near future.
Oct 2  Had a scout meeting tonight. Got our Spanish textbooks in class, I got a book in very bad condition.
Oct 3  Had a football game tonight against Ceres; the B’s won and the A’s lost. After the game I went to the dance, got home at 1.
Oct 4  Worked all day at new store, Mr. Fisher does not need any more help for a while and so I cannot work for him now.
Oct 5  Sunday: Worked all day at the new store. The store needs cleaning and straightening up. Everything is out of order.
Oct 6  The English class got Shakespeare textbook today, The Merchant of Venice. We will not use our textbook for a while.
Oct 7  The Tracy game against the Sonora Cs and Ds in Basketball was played this afternoon. The Cs and Ds both won.
Oct 8  Worked at the store mostly this afternoon. Mom is down in the city of San Francisco. It has been raining.
Oct 9  Had a boy scout meeting tonight and every boy was given a law to memorize. I got friendly, the easyest one.
Oct 10  We had an exchange assembly with Oakdale today at school (it was more of a comedy and put on by Sonora boys and girls)
Oct 11  Bought two books Treve and Chips, both by Albert Payson Terhune. This makes seven out of eleven in a series.
Oct 12  Sunday: Cleaned up my room today. Also cleaned up the porch (back and side). Went for a walk for about an hour
Oct 13 Bought 2 more books by Albert Payson Terhune. The books are The Way of a Dog and The Critter and Other Dogs
Oct 14  The Manteca Cs and the Ds played against Sonora today. The Ds lost but the Cs won in a very good game this afternoon.
Oct 15  A girl named Sharon may come to take care of the kids regularly until maybe even December 3, 1947.
Oct 16  Had a Boy Scout meeting tonight at the youth center; had a poor attendance. Also bought new pair of levis.
Oct 17  Football game with Manteca, after the game I went to the dance
Oct 18  The parking meters are positively going into use about the 16th of November a month from now. It has been raining
Oct 19  Sunday: Much work is being done around here; across the street and across the creek parking lots and an addition to the garage
Oct 20  Happy Holly gave a stage performance in the auditorium. We missed algebra for the first time. Holly was a good entertainer.
Oct 21  Had a game with the Calaveras team. We won both games I got into the game for only one quarter. I am on D (freshman) team
Oct 22  Bought a new jacket with a fur collar and keeps me very warm, bought it at army surplus for $14.40 with tax
Oct 23  Had a Boy Scout meeting tonight and had a good attendance. Got a job of washing the Sprouse Reitz windows regularly.
Oct 24  Went to the game with Livingston tonight. The football Bees won but the A’s lost. After the game I went to the dance; got home at 1
Oct 25  Took all of the old signs off of the windows in our new store and am beginning to put up new lights and signs
Oct 26  Sunday: Mopped my room’s floor for first time since being put in; cleaned up room and put all of camping equipment in box.
Oct 27  Had our Freshman pictures taken in the bleachers. We were taken out of woodwork to have them.
Oct 28  The neon sign was taken down at store today, it will be changed from “Tibbits” to “Clemens’”
Oct 29  Played Oakdale today in C and D basketball. We won the C game and lost the D game, being the opposite last time
Oct 30  Went to the Boy Scout meeting tonight and played “steal the bacon” and also played some knot games for achievement.
Oct 31  Halloween: Stayed home in bed tonight as I wasn’t going anywhere. A fire alarm was turned in by Pat Ryan but otherwise quiet all night.

to be continued …

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  1. For some strange reason I find myself fascinated, reading every word! I wonder what he was doing at those dances till 1:00. Girls? He seldom mentions them, but I know those Capricorns… quiet but single-minded!

  2. Jim Chatfield says:

    A very busy young man and quite the diary.

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