A Higher Possibility

Forty Principles, Tools, and Aphorisms 

    1. Consciousness is that which recognizes itself.
    2. The universe is not oppositional—only our minds are.
    3. Everything changes. Everything happens in cycles. Everything contributes.
    4. Everything contains within itself the seed of its apparent opposite.
    5. There are no accidents.
    6. Things are not happening to me—they are happening for me.
    7. Do I want to be right—or do I want to be effective?
    8. Am I available for what I say I want?
    9. What is my part?
    10. Expand to include and have it contribute.
    11. No good deed goes unpunished.
    12. The mind is a dangerous neighborhood; don’t go in there alone.
    13. Our baggage is the material we need to transform. We need our stuff—we just want to become objective about it so we can deal with it.
    14. If you are going to be here, be here. If not, go someplace else.
    15. Whatever you hold as “this shouldn’t be,” you energize its continued existence.
    16. What you can’t choose, you have to hold as burden.
    17. Where you are the most wounded, you are the most accomplished.
    18. Where you stumble is your gold.
    19. When you get your limits you get your maturity.
    20. When you diminish another person, you lose their ability to contribute to you.
    21. As long as you have to live inside the tribe, you cannot be a leader.
    22. There is no meaning in reality. Truth does not mean anything—it is just what’s so.
    23. Everything is important—and nothing is significant.
    24. As consciousness rises, significance drops away.
    25. It is all, all working.
    26. It is better to ride the horse in the direction it is going.
    27. It is not about me. It may have something to do with me, but it is not about me—or my value. Nor is it about you—or your value.
    28. Do not assign emotional responsibility to another. They don’t cause it—they only occasion it.
    29. Gathering evidence: the way in which we organize our resistance.
    30. Get the debt out of relationship. We are not owed anything.
    31. Expectation shuts it down.
    32. Love is the recognition of the equal in the other.
    33. Relationship will not fill my gap (the solution becomes the problem).
    34. There is a difference between taking a stand and being a stand.
    35. Position creates opposition. When I take a position, I have to defend it.
    36. Context determines content.
    37. Attachment produces dependence, dependence produces complaint. You can’t get to satisfaction from complaint.
    38. Complaint is an abdication of responsibility.
    39. People are miraculous surprises.
    40. Sometimes you eat the bear—and sometimes the bear eats you.

— quotes from Beyond the Game, by Michael Naumer


Michael Naumer 1942 - 2001

Michael Naumer
1942 – 2001

Michael Naumer started his work with his wife Christina in their course, The Mind of Love, which later morphed into Beyond the Game. Incorporating concepts from Gurdjieff, Oscar Ichazo, along with Werner Erhard and a number of other consciousness teachers, they created a transformational body of work where the objective was one of self-recognition.  The main course, along with the graduate work, delved into the above principles, and then some—the teachings about choice, reality, logic, and transformation.  The purpose of the course was self-recognition, where Michael deemed, “the purpose of relationship was not to make oneself happy, but was a useful vehicle for seeing oneself. ” For five years I immersed myself in these conversations, and those five years altered the course of my life. Beyond the Game was a higher game: chess, not checkers. It was a game not to be missed.

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  1. Love the aphorisms… live the aphorisms! Thanks for sharing ❤️
    Many have come a long way!!

  2. David Gray says:

    “When you awaken, you cross a line of no return….”

  3. Yep, we need good reminders in times like these… and each other. Thanks!

  4. Susan Dalberg says:

    I believe I would have enjoyed belonging/attending that group. Many of the things you included sounded exactly like some of what I learned in EST (Erhard). Thank you for putting such great thoughts all into one GREAT list. If I may, I’d like to save them and use some as “tag lines” in my email.

    As usual, a great contribution from you to your readers!

    • Michael and Christina worked for Werner Erhard in New York, so their background stems from est, hence, the similarity. Michael also brought several other teachings into their work, including pieces from Gurdjieff, Oscar Ichazo (Enneagram), Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Chris Rock. I was in that work continually for five years, and it rocked my boat. Nice to know we have a similar background. I have two other pieces on Michael in my blog under the “Teachers” category.

  5. Gary Timmons says:

    Thank you Catherine, this means so much to me… I miss Michael and the group so much!!!

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