No Room for Cowards

Another example of how our early incident forms our character and defines who we become in the world. The following story, including the pictures, is taken from on-line news sources:

150506082950-hillary-clinton--las-vegas-5-large-169In a recent interview with CBS, Scott Pelley asked Hillary Clinton to tell a story about her mother from her childhood that shaped her life. Clinton revealed that she was actually very shy and bullied as a child, but her mother helped her stand up for herself.

“I was pretty shy. I was kind of a reserved little girl. I would go outside to play and literally I would get knocked down and pushed around by all the little kids,” Clinton recalled to Pelley.

The former senator from New York reminisced that she went to her mom after getting bullied by the neighborhood kids.

“I ran back in crying and my mother met me at the door, and she said, ‘There is no room for cowards in this house. You go right back out there and stand up for yourself,’” Clinton said.

Clinton then said she confronted the group after talking with her mother.

3d842ab54c82bbc5a70deb8f10dfa0c2“So I came back out and I said, ‘I’m not going to run inside the house. I’m here. I want to play.’ And literally, they formed a circle, and this one girl who had been so mean to me came over and she pushed me and I just pushed her right back, and she was so surprised,” Clinton explained.

She continued, “And they all just looked at me and they said, ‘Okay.’ And so I played that day and every day after that, but if my mother had not met me and had not given me that tough love that I think every kid needs at some point in his or her life, my life might have been very different.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for her. Just in the past few days, some of Hillary’s foes who’ve knocked her down in the past are now encircling her, allowing her to play. 


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  1. Kat Ancheta says:

    I have to agree, going through a very publicized humiliation and to come out the other side with her head held high! That’s one tough cookie. Sounds like her Mother raised her to be tough in a mans’ world. Boy, that’s an understatement!

  2. Thanks. I agree she’s showed tremendous strength in the face of challenges, again and again. Can you imagine living through Bill’s White House dalliances, for instance, with the courage she did?

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