Princess Imelda

Big Sur, California. Camping is everything I remember, which is a lot of work, kind of grubby, and not particularly comfortable. Other then Satchel having poison oak from stem to stern from his camping trip the week before, and Princess Imelda having a meltdown because she had to wear her tennis shoes instead of her sandals on the hike, it was pretty easy… until she couldn’t find her socks. My teenage niece loaned her a pair.

Temple sock face“They don’t match! One’s pink and one’s purple,” she wailed. “I CAN’T wear these.”

“Temple, the bears don’t care if your socks don’t match. They’re SOCKS, we’re in the woods, nobody cares.”

“I care,” she shoots back with a high-pitched caterwaul, sobbing, “I want to wear my sandals.”

After a few minutes of this, I tell her she has two choices. “Don’t go on the hike, or wear the tennis shoes and socks.”

Even more tearful, and now prostrate in the dirt, she counters, “I don’t like those two choices.” I thought about a third choice, but her parents have a thing about me beating their children.

She went on the boulder hike, harrumphed the first half-hour, did really well other than one scraped knee, and at the end of the day grudgingly admitted it was good she wore the tennis shoes and socks. However, she peeled them off the minute they got back to camp, dumping the socks disdainfully in the dust outside our tent.

Satchel & Temple June 2014

We left after dinner; between their schedule and mine, it was a one-night trip. Temple slept, Satchel read, I chewed gum and listened to Lyle Lovett and Lee Oskar on the drive home. When I realized my Map Quest directions were different from the nag in my dashboard, I surrendered and trusted the nag because it was dark out. We made it back to Sonoma in just under four hours, which was much better than the nearly six hours it took to get there.

My grandkids had a great time and want to go back, begging to stay longer next time. Of course they do. They’re kids. They like sleeping on the ground. They think it’s rollicking fun tipping like the Titanic trying to get dressed in a tent. They like bugs and burnt marshmallows. They don’t care how bad they look in the pictures… unless the socks aren’t a match made in heaven.

August 2014

Big Sur 2105

Big Sur 2105 (last year’s trip)

Big Sur 2105

Big Sur 2105 (last year’s trip)

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  1. I love reading your postings – never dry, always good for a chuckle about “real life”.

  2. Juliette andrews says

    Proud of you 7/0.

  3. Jean E. McQuady says

    Give Gordon and his wife a hug for me and try to enjoy this outdoor experience.