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An irreverent humorist and astute storyteller, Catherine reflects on her journey with courage and insight. A blogger, a columnist in the Sonoma Valley Sun, and the author of two published books, she has also posted here—one story at a time over a two-year period—a web serialization of her full family memoir, Through Any Given Door. Read more


With clarity and perspective, Sevenau embraces the events of her early years—that what occurred happened for her, not to her—and transforms a bewildering and fractured childhood into a life well lived.  Behind These Doors, a poignant and captivating taste of Through Any Given Door, is available in audio, paperback, and eBook. Read more


Wisdom, tears, and laugh-out-loud joy rush at you from Queen Bee, a compilation of short stories that offers something for everyone. The queen of her own existence, Catherine shares her rollercoaster journey of reflections, experiences, and family. Join her, as life, with its continual barrage of rude awakenings, is always a ride! Paperback and eBook. Read more

Queen Bee book launch video, courtesy of Judy Baker, Brandvines